Korean wrestling movie and the old All Asia hvywt belt...

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Korean wrestling movie and the old All Asia hvywt belt...

Post by Tradition Rules » 2002/08/09 Fri 4:11 am

Hey guys,its been a while since I posted here.

Anyways,since this is the "title" board of the forum,this is just something I thought I'd pass along. I just very recently purchased the DVD of the Korean comedy film "The Foul King".It is the 2nd highest grossing Korean made movie in history and the all time highest grossing Korean comedy.It is about an unproductive bank clerk who gets beat up by his boss for being a lunk head.You also get to see daily how this guy is a total loser,...even his father thinks so.

One evening when he is walking home from work,he sees a promotional poster for wrestling.The very small picture of a wrestler doing his "muscle" pose on the poster looks strikingly like Masahiro Chono.At this point the main character(Dae-Ho) decides to take up wrestling.

It is quite funny.Before going to bed one evening,he ask himself,"Does a man have to be a king to please his father? " He falls asleep for the evening and dreams of winning over the girl he has a crush on at work.However,in his dreram, he is in a wrestling ring dressed as Elvis Presley(THE KING,get it?)trying to sing to her.At the begining of this silly scene,he holds up a championship belt.It looked quite old and was on old beat up red leather,...just like the All Asia Tag Team belts.I decided to pause the picture during a close up and see if I could read anything on the belt;it said ALL ASIA CHAMPION and in the center of the belt was a globe with a close up of east Asia.

Now the reason I'm assuming this is the original belt once used in All Japan is that the belt was sold to Kim Ill(Kintaro Ohki in Japan) in 1980 by Giant Baba and was brought back to Korea.Dae-ho also mentions to the owner of the gym where he wants to train that he "grew up watching Kim Ill and his 'Nuclear Head-butt' ". I even think in the movie intro while showing some old wrestling footage that Kim Ill is in the screen shots.

The movie was quite enjoyable,as the plot was funny and they made mention of Japan and that it was a big deal to work in Japan.The daughter of the trainer even gives Dae-Ho a copy of a video tape and a Japanese wrestling magazine as part of a training kit.The only real dissapointments in the movie is that the video tape he watches is some WWF footage of Austin vs the Undertaker and thate alot of the mentality is done in WWF/American pro wrestling.But the big match he is involed in turns into more of a psudo Japanese match. Misawa vs Kawada or Chono vs Mutoh its not,but it suddenly seems to give more respect to the sport.

I purchased the "Hong Kong" version,as it was $5.00 cheaper and was in Cantonese with English subtitiles and was released by Tai Seng Video Marketing.I also decided to purchase this version because it was an "open region" DVD.I had seen the original Korean version and would have preferred it in its original format,but I read that many open region DVDs sometimes do not work on all DVD players(or a Playsation 2 if you have one for that matter) for some reason but there has been no problems with Tai Seng's releases on open region DVDs.

I recommend checking it out as it was fun to watch and quite funny.If you are interested,it can be purchased at <a href='http://www.taiseng.com' target='_blank'>www.taiseng.com</a>.


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Post by Hisaharu Tanabe » 2002/08/09 Fri 7:57 am

Yeah, that's what the All Asian belt looks like. I tried to find a pic but couldn't find it.

Thanks for an interesting info!

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