Memphis TV Title

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Memphis TV Title

Post by cman73 » 2016/06/16 Thu 4:31 pm

I've been watching the Memphis Wrestling episodes from 1981 on youtube that were put up by Wesley Corman. It appears that it's from a Louisville, KY station, so, it may be a week behind the original air date in Memphis? Anyhow, the TV Title looks to have changed hands on the 2/28/81 episode (probably 2/21/81 if it's a week behind). On that episode, Dutch Mantel defeated Koko Ware for the championship. I think on this site it's referred to as the Mid-American TV Title. In watching the shows after Koko's initial win for the TV title, he did wrestle Bobby Eaton either one week, or two weeks after the win, but defeated Eaton, so, from the shows I've seen in late 1980 Eaton was never a TV champ, unless it was cut out of the Louisville TV shows.

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Re: Memphis TV Title

Post by Hisaharu Tanabe » 2016/06/18 Sat 8:27 pm

I saw the same information on this page.
List is now updated. Thank you for the information.

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