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IBV Update

Post by Ronald » 2011/07/04 Mon 8:08 pm


following I will published some Infos about the german promotion IBV; so you can written this on your Page under "Austria and Germany"

This is really complicated, so i have published this in an easy way, did you can understand this

IBV stands for:

Internationaler Berufsringkämpfer Verband

founded: 20.09.1947
incorporated as IBV in Hamburg on 20.02.1948
closed around 1997


Gustl Kaiser (1947-76)
Nicola Selenkowitsch (1965-86)
Gerd Völlink (1988-97)

Co-Promoter under Kaiser was Georg Thumser
Paul Westergaard-Schmidt was IBV President from 1950 until 1959

- headquarter was in Hamburg until Promoter Kaiser retired in 1976; from 1977 the headquarter was in Bremen by Selenkowitsch

Selenkowitsch retired after the 1986-season and sold out to Wanz. Wanz held up his first tournament in Bremen under the CWA Banner in 1987.

Selenkowitsch retired from sports promotion but after that he run the IBV Office in Bremen

Promoter Gerd Völlink founded a promotion together with Hansi Roocks in 1988. Völlink bookted under the IBV Banner

Here are the infos about Völlink's Promotion


VoRo Agentur (1988-92)
- Gerd Völlink & Hansi Roocks

GWF - German Wrestling Federation (early 1993-94)
- Gerd Völlink

GPW - German Professional Wrestling (03.1994-97)
- Gerd Völlink

Völlink past away in December 2001.


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Post by Ronald » 2012/03/12 Mon 12:38 pm

The situation about the IBV after Kaisers retirement is quiet complicated. Selenkowitsch promoted under the IBV Management since 1977. After his last turney in 1986 he was not the promoter in Bremen, but has a working agreement with Wanz until the 1990s. He served as IBV Chairman until the late 1990s. I think 1997.

Völlinks situation is today unknown. I hope i can clear this in the next time. He booked his shows under the IBV banner in 1991 and 92 in the city of Bremerhaven not Bremen. In early 1990 he had a promotional war with Wanz' CWA in Bremen. Gerhard Schäfer supported Völlink and was at ringside in Bremerhaven.

Promoters / Management – Bremen

- Harry van der Heyden (1904-05)
- Oskar Strauß (1908)
- Fritz Karlsen-Kundruhn (1919; 1933)
- Heinrich Dietrich (IRV; 1919)
- Georg Böhm (IRV; 1920)
- Carl Jänecke (IRV; 1920)
- Karl Voigt (IRV; occasionally since 1922 until 1934)
- Rudolf Zurth (DRV; 1935-38; 1952)
- Otto Draber (DRV; 1939-40)
- Georg Mücke (IBV; 1947-53) in corporation with Gustl Kaiser & Georg Thumser (IBV)
- Erich Kowalski (1953-61)
- Gustl Kaiser (IBV; 1956 & 1965)
- Nico Selenkowitsch (1965-86); IBV (1977-86)

- Otto Wanz (CWA; 1987-99)
---> Selenkowitsch served as IBV Chairman

- Eddy Steinblock (European Professional Wrestling - EPW; since 2004)

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