Bert Assirati

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Bert Assirati

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in the 1980s Scotish Historian James Craig and German Historian Gerhard Schäfer worked together and published the Bert Assirati Record Book. In germany Schäfer published this under the name "Wrestling Archives No. 18 - Bert Assirati".

According to these record Assirati made his debut as a professional wrestler on 28.10.1928 in London against Robert Cook. He defeated Cook. First he trained under Coach Guido Ronga in the Ashdown Club. At this time he was a amateur wrestler and it was Ronga, who brings him to the professional wrestling scene. Assirati's became also instructions from Peter Gotz and Jack Carroll.

During 1932 he wrestled under the alias of "John Swan" at the Waverley Market in Edinburgh. In late 1931 he came to the USA and was associated by Renato Gardini. Assirati wrestled mainly on the east coast of America.

In 1934 he had a match against George Gregory for the British Heavyweight Championship. He defeated Gregory in Manchester. Until 1939 he wrestled the most time in London. From 1944 to 48 he had many fights in Edinburgh and Newcastle. On 27.01.1945 he defeated Gregory again in Manchester for the British Heavyweight Championship. Then he defeated Dave Armstrong on 08.06.1946 in Newcastle for the British Heavyweight Championship.

The record claimed that Assirati defeated Yvar Martinson on 04.03.1947 in London for the "World Championship".

1948: Assirati made a tour to Belgium
May 1952: He made his german debut in Berlin

In late 1952 he starts his tour to Asia.

1952 - Singapore
def. Andre Coutoula (October 1952)
def. The Red Scorpion (Mitchell Gill)
def. Savarian Singh
def. Gargantua (Kurt Zehe)
def. Sergei Orloff (Chick Knight)

1953 - Singapore
def. Maurice Tillet (14.02.1953)
def. King Kong Czaja
def. Andre Adoree
drew Hercules

1953 - India
def. Syed Saif Shah
def. Harnam Singh (Bhu Pinder)

Bangalore, 02.05.1953
drew Sardar Khan

Bombay, 17.05.1953
def. Sardar Khan

Bombay, 23.05.1953
def. Flash Gordon

New Delhi, 27.05.1953
def. Harbans Singh

Bombay, 30.05.1953
def. Jeji Goldstein

New Delhi, 31.05.1953
def. Roy Heffernan

Calcutta, 06.1953
def. Bill Verna

Bombay, 04.06.1953
lost Chota Pooran Singh

Bombay, 14.06.1953
lost Dara Singh

Delhi, 06.1953
def. Hardit Singh

Bangalore, 15.06.1953
drew Sadar Khan

Bombay, 17.06.1953
def. Harbans Singh

Bangalore, 21.06.1953
def. Wong Buck Lee

Bombay, 06.1953
def. Harbans Singh

Delhi, 06.1953
drew Harbans Singh

Bombay, 13.06.1953
lost Chota Dara Singh

India - 1953
def. Tiger Ray Holden

Bangalore, 11.07.1953
def. George Pencheff

Colombo, Sri Lanka, 04.08.1953
def. Tiger Joginder Singh

Colombo, Sri Lanka, 07.08.1953
lost Tiger Joginder Singh

India - 1953
def. Emil Koroschenko
lost Ladislaus Von Heczey

Calcutta, 18.12.1953
drew Tiger Joginder Singh

Hyderabad, 27.12.1953
drew Harbans Singh

Hyderabad, 31.12.1953
def. Tiger Joginder Singh
def. Chota Dara Singh

Delhi, 01.1954
drew Sheik Wadi Ayoub

New Delhi, 28.03.1954
def. Nazir Singh

New Delhi, 31.03.1954
vs. Hardit Singh

Delhi, 04.1954
drew Arjan Das

Bombay, 05.1954
def. Vasant Singh

Bombay, 05.1954
lost Tiger Joginder Singh

Madras, 27.05.1954
drew Gutta Singh

Bombay, 03.06.1954
lost Aslam Pahelwan

Bombay, 09.1954
lost Tiger Joginder Singh

Madras, 1954
drew Tiger Joginder Singh

Pakistan, 1954
def. Charlie Gamage

After his matches in South Africa he returned to England around September 1955. He made his retirement in late 1959, but made a comeback in 1960. His last matches on that record was against Joe Cornelius on 15.05.1960 in Brighton (won) and May 1960 against John DaSilva (won) in Bristol.


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