NYC Bus Trip to Philadelphia for Chikara King Of Trios 2009

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NYC Bus Trip to Philadelphia for Chikara King Of Trios 2009

Post by Hisaharu Tanabe » 2009/02/28 Sat 10:28 pm

This was sent to me from CHIKARA Pro. All the inquiries on this should be sent to CHIKARA.
The CHIKARA NYC Bus Trip Initiative is rolling on through Season 8. And we are proud to announcer our next voyage on the weekend of March 27th-29thEEE€¦ KING OF TRIOS 2009!!!

16 teamsEEE€¦ 3 nightsEEE€¦ 1 GINORMOUS tournament!!!

ItEEE€EEEs the premiere annual event, gathering 48 wrestlers from around the world to compete Trios action, that has become the flagship happening in CHIKARA. A virtual EEE€EEEwhoEEE€EEEs whoEEE€EEE of the independent and international pro wrestling landscape will congregate in South Philadelphia for just one weekend to do battle at the old ECW Arena! And after weeks of phone calls, manuevering, budgeting, hustling, wheeling, and dealing, we are proud to invite YOU to be part of what will truly be one for the ages!

And the weekend of fun will not be limited to just the tournament! In addition to the much-anticipated Fan Conclave on the afternoon of Nip Intiative will be hosting a special Q&A session with a CHIKARA personality TBD aboard our luxurious coach (Night 1) and a very special super secret Sunday afternoon surprise (Night 3)EEE€¦ making this the ULTIMATE CHIKARA fan experience.

If youEEE€EEEre like the tecnicos & rudo squads who plan on taking top honors at King of Trios and being there for ALL THREE DAYSEEE€¦ well, we have also put together a special travel package in conjunction with the Extended Stay Deluxe Philadelphia Airport hotel, DeCamp Bus Lines, and our great and supportive friends over at CHIKARA Pro Wrestling! For just one flat rate, not only will we take you to Philadelphia and backEEE€¦ but we will be able to SHUTTLE you to and from the Extended Stay Deluxe & The New Alhambra Arena on ALL THREE* DAYS!!!

BUT, because we anticipated a logistical problem for some people with making the whole weekend, The Bus Trip Initiative WILL be providing our soon-to-be legendary ROUND TRIP service from New York Port Authority to The Na Arena and back on EACH* of the the three nights of King of Trios. So whether you can only make it down for a day or two, or if you plan on being a full-time weekend warrior, there will be no reason for you be excluded from the action going down in South Philly!!!

HereEEE€EEEs all the pertinent info you might need before officially deciding:

FRIDAY, MARCH 27th EEE€EEE Bus departs from Area X (41st Street btw 8th & 9th Aves) @ Port Authority approx 3:00 pm, returning to New York by 1:00 am that evening. Fare includes Bus Trip Initiative EXCLUSIVE Q&A session & admission to Night 1.

SATURDAY, MARCH 28th* EEE€EEE Bus departs from Area X (41st Street btw 8th & 9th Aves) @ Port Authority approx 11:00 am, returning to New York by 1:30 am that evening. Fare includes admission to the 2nd Annual CHIKARA Fan Conclave & admission to Night 2.

SUNDAY, MARCH 29th EEE€EEE Bus departs from Area X (41st Street btw 8th & 9th Aves) @ Port Authority approx 9:30 am, returning to New York by 10:00 pm te includes a very special secret secret Sunday afternoon surprise & admission to Night 3.

TICKETS EEE€EEE $50 for any and each of the three nights -OR- $100 for the 3-Day all-inclusive package**!!! Payment can be made by PayPal, check or money order. Your choice, no excuses.

So, hopefully we will see you in some form over King of Trios weekend? We know weEEE€EEEll be there!

For more information, to ask a question, to be added to the Bus Trip IntiativeEEE€EEEs mailing list, or to confirm your reservation, be sure to email/PayPal trip organizer Richard J. Parker EEE€EEE

You can also find us at our Facebook Group, where you can receive constant updates as well as convene and discuss happenings with other NYC area CHIKARA Fans.

And, of course, you can always find information @ EEE€EEE the one-stop home base of operations thatEEE€EEEs always got your EEE€EEEfix.EEE€EEE

And be on the lookout for the NYC Bus Trip Intiative team, launching a full-on promotional assault in the coming weeks. A YouTube commercial? 2/28 @ JAPW? 3/21 @ ROH? We plan on being there.

*Due to the majority of our guests coming down for all three days and already being in the Philadelphia area, the Bus Trip Intiative will need a minimum of 15 passengers to make the Saturday bus trip viable. In the event that we have not confirmed enough passengers by Monday, March 16th, the Bus Trip Intiative reserves the right to cancel the bus and will gladly issue a refund to those who already booked a seat.

**The all-inclusive package DOES NOT include a hotel rave negotiated with the management of Extended Stay Deluxe Philadelphia Airport*** that our passengers will receive an 8% discount EEE€EEE a single room for 2-3 people is $78.20 per night (+ tax); a double room for 4-6 people is $87.40 per night (+ tax). In the interest of not going completely insane trying to plan around everyoneEEE€EEEs individual situation, we will be glad to give you the hotelEEE€EEEs direct contact so you can book your own room at the group rate. Similarly, we will be glad to try and help out any stragglers looking for weekend roommates or needing any other assistance with booking their own room TO THE BEST OF OUR ABILITY.

***Passengers are under absolutely no obligation to book a reservation @ the Extended Stay Deluxe Philadelphia Airport, but should be advised that our contract with the bus only includes shuttle service to and from this particular hotel, and weEEE€EEEre not in the business of making 30 special trips. If you choose another lodging option for the weekend, we can not be getting you to and from the Arena. Sorry.

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