Triple H and the IC Championship

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Triple H and the IC Championship

Post by kvasir » 2009/01/07 Wed 3:47 am

At No Mercy 2003 Triple H defeated Kane and unified his World Heavyweight Championship with Kane's IC Championship. But the IC Title History on this website doesn't acknowledge HHH as IC Champion on this day. The title has been abandoned that night, but HHH still won it. The Stipulation of the match was: "Champion vs. Champion - Winner Take All", which can be clearly seen on any Youtube Video of that match. Other websites seemed to copy this information from, so i'm not 100% sure if HHH should be regarded as IC Champ at the moment of the Victory. Can someone clear this up for me? Also Rob Van Dam is regarded as the last Hardcore Champion after the unification Match, which should have happen under the same stipulations.


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Re: Triple H and the IC Championship

Post by Exit » 2009/01/12 Mon 2:21 am

For the record, includes both of them as champions.

For me, in situations like this, I count the winner of the unification match as the final champion.

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