(Indianapolis) WWA Title Question

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(Indianapolis) WWA Title Question

Post by Bushinyou » 2007/01/08 Mon 8:28 pm

3/12/65 Indianapolis Fairgrounds Coliseum
WWA heavyweight title
Johnny Valentine beat (c) Dick The Bruiser dq when Dick laid out Valentine, refs Johnny Shorn and Wayne Tate before 7 wrestlers and 6 police officers entered the ring to stop the carnage. Valentine was taken to General hospital for Xrays, stitches and treatment for a knot on his head. The WWA title was held up because of Dick's actions.
Wilbur Snyder beat Angelo Poffo 2/3
Nicoli & Boris Volkoff beat Joe Blanchard and Joe Brunetti 2/3
The Mongol beat Guy Mitchell
Bobby Managoff drew Moose Cholak 20:00
Cora Combs beat Barbara Galento
att: 5,000



The title is not listed as being held-up. Was it only held-up in Indianapolis? It appears that way, but I feel like Bruiser should be listed with another title reign, or have a footnote for this card at the very least.

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Post by Bushinyou » 2007/01/08 Mon 8:30 pm

Forgot to note the card where Bruiser wins back the held-up title:

4/10/65 Indianapolis Fairgrounds Coliseum;
WWA heavyweight title Match
Dick the Bruiser beat Johnny Valentine COR 3rd fall to regain the WWA held up title
WWA Tag Title Match
Kurt and Karl Von Brauner (c) beat Wilbur Snyder and Pat O'Connor 2/3
Bob Ellis beat Black Bart
Joe Blanchard beat Angelo Poffo
Tiny Tornado beat Lord Littlebrook
Rocky Montero drew Prince Pullins 15:00
attendance 9,000

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Post by Hisaharu Tanabe » 2007/01/09 Tue 9:24 am

I just didn't know. Added.

Thanks for the info.

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Post by Bushinyou » 2007/01/09 Tue 12:31 pm

Anytime, Hisa. :)

I pour through 'em one at a time and post them here when I find something.

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