Favorite/Least Favorite Belt Designs/Beltmarks

Pre-1990 topics only.
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Post by Daishikaze » 2004/03/26 Fri 2:35 pm

All three belts in the Triple crown: they just have an antique feel to them that makes them look important to me
WWWA World singles title belt: gotta love big red
All Pacific title:its like what some of you said about the old IC belt, "not the best..but close"

NWA Domed globe world title belt: what can I say that hasn't been said already?

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Post by RoaringElbow25 » 2004/03/26 Fri 11:59 pm

I always loved the old Winged Eagle WWF world title that came to an end the night after WM14, and I think the new WWE US title is stupid
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Post by DANGEROUS DAN » 2004/03/27 Sat 8:07 am

As a belt collector, I have often dreamt of getting my mits on any or all of teh Triple Crown. Such a facinating trio of belts which work together.

Thesz's Undisputed World title belt, although recreated several times with minor differences is a piece of art and prestige.

Big Goldy (Flair's personal version not that piece of crap that was whored out in WCW and now has no meaning in WWE) is a brilliant display of modern art.

Even though in like threads on different forums it gets no respect I really like the Pancrase belt too.
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Favorie Title

Post by lonewolfsuarez » 2004/03/31 Wed 11:07 pm

<span style='color:Red'>To me, I liked the NWA Belt that Race had (which is being held by Jeff Jarrett). The least favorite is the current U.S. Title in the WWE.</span> :wallbang:
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Post by BadNews » 2004/04/01 Thu 5:41 pm

i really dig the ECW World Heavyweight Title. the last version that is...

the old WCW US title was cool (the one steve austin held). so was the old ic-belt, the one used by ecw as tag team title for a while. and the wwf title flair and hogan wore, which later became the harcore belt and that was used by ecw as TV title, that was cool too. there was some real cool puro belt, but i cant remember what it was.
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Post by JustS2pendous » 2004/04/07 Wed 3:12 am

My top 5 belt designs

5) Big Goldy
4) WCW U.S Title.
3) ECW TV belt circa RVD's reign
2) WWF European title
1) The old IC belt circa Curt Hennigs reign.

Least favourites are a toss up between the WWE US belt and the new World tag team titles

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pics or sites?

Post by newpurofan1 » 2005/01/07 Fri 9:34 am

since everyone has mentioned quite a few different titles, my question is: are there any good sites out there that has pics of all these different belts, whether they are puro, indy, or big time (WWE, etc.) belts? I want to collect a belt but want to know what designs are out there as well.

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Post by villano619 » 2005/01/07 Fri 9:19 pm

AWA World title belt circa '87 worn by Bockwinkel and Henning.

WWE US Title is the worst one ever.

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worste ever?

Post by One to Remember » 2005/01/09 Sun 5:54 pm

villano619 wrote:AWA World title belt circa '87 worn by Bockwinkel and Henning.

WWE US Title is the worst one ever.

then you aint seen the wXw (Germany) Cruiserweight and orginal ECW (c. 93) heavyweight titles!

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Post by BusaLiger Dragon » 2005/01/16 Sun 4:37 pm

Well im not sure about this one but i think the old ECW tag titles were buyable WWF IC titles...If thats not the case they sure look like it. Worst title ever is John Cena's US Belt....
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Post by Robin Mask » 2005/02/14 Mon 5:56 pm

My current favorites are the NWA World Heavyweight Championship (TNA) and the modern US Title

my least favorite is Cena's terrible excuse of a belt

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Post by django » 2005/02/19 Sat 2:30 am

my all time favorites are

1. the NWA title the globed dome-always a classic
2. The North American Heavyweight Title (Mid-South version)- big and gold/silver
3. Any of the Triple Crown Titles- 3 classic titles
4. the old IC belt -never really a fan of the WWF growing up but this belt is a classic also
5. the jr. heavyweight title (the one with the crown on the top) -made it stand out

its hard to pick favorites so im keeping it short
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