How many titles is too many?

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How many titles is too many?

Post by Americancyco » 2002/03/13 Wed 4:56 pm

This is really a matter of opinion, but I'd like tohear some opinions.
I always felt 2 single and 1 tag title was the best number of titles in a federation.

Right now the WWF has FAR too many titles to mean a thing. The Eurotrash title is pointless, maybe if they only defended it in Europe I could see the point in that title.
I like the idea of the 24/7 hardcore title. The belt is meaningless and the WWF knew it. Thye had to do something to make the title stand out and I think they got it right.

My opinion for titles in a federation would be as follows:

Tag Team
TV title (beat the champ style)
Junior (I know I said only 2 single titles, but this title would only be open to some wrestlers)
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Post by Ganso » 2002/03/13 Wed 6:18 pm

Well it depends on a few variables. Like how large your roster is. Whether you have a TV deal or not. (Ive seen many indies do that) How many foreigners come for a short term excursion, thats basically all I can think of, but youre right 2 or 3 singles titles and 1 tag is what every promotion should have.
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Post by GreatMuta423 » 2002/03/13 Wed 11:19 pm

yea i agree. no more than 3 and thats without a hardcore champion. hardcore titles are not important.
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Post by Hom3R » 2002/03/14 Thu 7:22 am

No euro or intercontinal or tv title is wortth a [world removed by administrator. please follow the rules.] in my book.

If I run a fed:
Heavyweight title
Jr Heavyweight title
Tag team title
Jr heavyweight tag team title
hardcore title
shoot title.....real UFC and Pride.

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Post by Luds » 2002/03/14 Thu 8:08 am

Well, I agree with everyone of you 100%. There are too many titles in the WWF. If you look at all the titles, and past champions, you can see if the title means something...

For example, The IC title used to be held by youngsters before they would get a main event role... Champions like Bret Hart, Bulldog, Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon, Diesel, Goldust , Jeff Jarrett, HHH, Rocky, Owen Hart, Austin were all deserving champions back then... But then if you remember the IC champs in 99-00, you see names such as Roaddog, Godfather, D-Lo Brown, Chyma, Billy Gunn... Thankfully, Angle, Edge, Benoit, Jericho helped build up the IC title once more...

Point is, if the title will be held by absolute trash like Test, or Godfather, just throw it in the dumpster... (and keep it there)
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Post by Famine » 2002/03/15 Fri 11:32 am

Who's to say that after the split, that there won't be enough titles? The split of the company is the only real thing that has me on edge with US wrestling these days. (That, and when the hell is Benoit coming back. . . **** broken neck)

It's a fresh, new idea that's not even a gimmick. Is that possible? Where are the titles going? Where are the wrestlers going? Who's booking what and how are the PPV's going to work? This is the biggest thing states side since the collapse of WCW.
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Post by Tradewynd » 2002/03/16 Sat 8:37 pm

Hopefully Paul E. will have the book of at least one half after the split, and take all of the wrestlers with him. If we knew one show would be wrestling and one would be the Stephanie-McMahon crapfest I'd know which one to watch.

As far as the titles go, I'm not sure there is a specific number, although there are far too many in the WWF. If you look at WCW in 98 they had 4 singles titles that all had credibility and quality champions(TV- Booker, Benoit, etc., Us-DDP, Goldberg[as much as I hate to say it], Raven, etc.., the World Title and obviously the Cruiserweight Title). The tag titles started to fall off though. The number of titles you can/should have depends on the quality of your roster. If you have the talent WCW did(and the WWF has now) you basically have a lightweight, undercard, midcard, uppercard and tag belt with no problem. Titles need quality champions. The WWF did that before they started having so many titles. Ironically enough, it seems that after Russo left all of the WWF's titles went to hell. Am I the only one who remembers when the European title actually meant something? When it was held by guys like Bulldog, Owen, HHH, etc.? It was a strong undercard belt for almost 2 years. A title is only as good as the wrestlers who hold it, and if you have a roster filled with great wrestlers you almost need more titles(so long as the titles go to the great wrestlers and not Goldust, Bradshaw, Farooq, etc.)
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Post by samoth » 2002/03/18 Mon 3:41 pm

The only WWF title that means anything is the Heavyweight title, and that's questionable anymore, because though it changes hands rarely it is almost always through outside interference.

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Post by Das » 2002/03/20 Wed 11:54 am

I feel that that there should only be 1 title for each weight class.
After all what does being (for example) an Intercontinental champion mean? All it means is that the intercontinental champion is a lesser champion, and is therefore unnessicary. But a world title, or promotional title means that this guy is the best in the promotion at the time, so it's needed. I also believe that there should be a tag team belt as well.

I also am a firm believer that titles should never change hands in gimmick matches, except for cage matches, but they should be used sparingly like maybe once a year, or two years.

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Post by BadNews » 2002/03/25 Mon 6:28 am

I think a federation should have 1 primary and 1 secondary heavyweight title, like the WWF did until, well they de facto threw the IC title into the toilet by giving it to folks like Test. Also, there should be a tag team title and a junior heavyweight title, no matter what you call it. However, I always thought that New Japan's way was more kingly, just one big prize...
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Post by FlairFan152 » 2002/03/26 Tue 2:30 pm

They should have 4 singles title and one tag title


and tag team

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Post by One to Remember » 2004/12/30 Thu 9:39 pm

A title depends on the comapny's structure. For WWE if they revived all their titles including the National, International, Jr. heavyweight and North American title because the company has two seperate brands. The possibilty of new brands helps this concept.

World heavyweight

WWE Championship

Jr. hw

North American

d@mn they do have to many titles. :D

If Raw promoted Heat as an exstensive of its show all of those SNH Titles could be on Raw.

because WWE has OVW and UPW kind of it could have its titles filter down to the indies and territories.

If WCW had promoted World wide alot more it could of had its titles being defended on Nitro and then a US Tag title and TV title match in South Korea on Thunder. It depends on the length of the arms of the company and if it can be in more places then one at a time.

What I never understood was how ECW could have the FTW Title bit now an ECW Welterweight or Cruiserweight title. ECW couldve did more with the Maryland and New York state titles it used to have also.

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Post by Tradewynd » 2004/12/31 Fri 10:37 am

The FTW Title was not "recognized" by ECW. Taz invented the title because Shane Douglas did not want to drop the ECW Title to Taz whille his arm was broken, since the title was Shane's leverage to get six digits of bad debt from Heyman. Shane, like everybody else, never got his money. Taz pulled on "unconscious" Sabu on top of him to put the FTW Title on Sabu. Taz later beat Sabu in a unification match for both titles.

The only way it would be logical to have a state title would be if you only promoted in that state. You used to see it in old territories for that reason. It would be completely illogical for a company that promotes shows in multiple states to have a state title. If the WWE made a Michigan Title, do you think anyone outside of Michigan would give a crap about it? Or even people in Michigan for that matter, since it would be painfully obvious that title doesn't mean anything?
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Dan Poutsma
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Post by Dan Poutsma » 2004/12/31 Fri 11:54 pm

I think if any promotion has more than at most four championships it's way too many. IMO, what WWE has now with regard to each "brand" is fine. For a long time, they just had the WWF title, the tag team title, and the Intercontinental title. When they had women's matches, that title also served it's purpose.

The Crockett promotion had far too many titles in the 80s that meant next to nothing. The NWA World championship was the top belt and the U.S. title was always considered the main secondary title, but in addition to World tag team champions and U.S. tag team champions (and before that National tag team champions) they also had the TV title, National title, and Mid-Atlantic title before the latter two became extinct in '86. Then they established the meaningless Western States Heritage title in '87 and after the demise of the Florida promotion, brought in the Florida heavyweight title and just had Mike Rotundo/a hand the belt to Rick Steiner until it was basically forgotten. And when they felt like it, they'd bring the World Jr. title and World Six Man titles into the mix. It was a mess.

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