Roll Call of NWA Members: 1979 Annual Meeting

Including NWAssociation (formerly NBA), the current version of NWA founded by Pinkie George, and other previous versions of NWAlliance, such as Des Moines and Kansas. Topics on regional territories may be moved to more appopriate board.
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Dan Poutsma
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Roll Call of NWA Members: 1979 Annual Meeting

Post by Dan Poutsma » 2002/04/08 Mon 9:02 pm

Meeting held August 3rd & 4th, 1979 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Credit goes to

Members in Attendance:

All Japan Pro Wrestling Co., LTD.
Shohei Baba
Dory Funk, Jr.
Joe Higuchi

Arena Mexico, S.A.
Salvador Lutteroth, Jr.
Salvador Lutteroth, III

Capitol Wrestling Corp.
Vincent McMahon
Robert J. Marella
Vincent McMahon, Jr.

Catch Schober (Hannover, Germany)
Edmund Schober

Championship Wrestling from Florida, INC.
Duke Keomuka
Mike Graham
Dusty Rhodes

Jim Crockett Promotions, INC.
Jim Crockett, Jr.
David F. Crockett
George Scott

Farhat Enterprises, INC.
Eddie Farhat

Foothills Athletic Club, LTD.
Stewart E. Hart

Fundamentals, INC.
Rip Hawk represented Mike London

Georgia Championship Wrestling, INC.
James E. Barnett
Paul Jones
Ole Anderson

Gulas Wrestling Enterprises, INC.
Nick Gulas
Tom Renesto

Heart of America Sports Attractions, INC.
Bob Geigel
Pat O'Connor

Hollywood Wrestling Office
Mike LeBell

Kim Ill Pro Wrestling Foundation
Kim Ill

LeRoy McGuirk Championship Wrestling, INC.
LeRoy McGuirk

New Japan Pro Wrestling Assn., INC.
Seiji Sakaguchi
Hisashi Shinma
Ken Tajima

*I believe there's a mistake/ misprint on the name. According to both previous and later listings, the actual name was New Japan Pro Wrestling Co., LTD.

New Zealand Pro Wrestling Assn., INC.
Steve Rickard

Northwest Wrestling Promotions
Gene Kiniski

Pacific Coast Athletic Corp.
Roy Shire

Southwest Sports, INC.
Jack Adkisson
David Adkisson
Kevin Adkisson
Kerry Adkisson
Bronco Lubich

St. Louis Wrestling Club, INC.
Sam Muchnick

Tunney Sports, LTD.
Frank Tunney

Fred Ward Promotions, INC. (Columbus, GA)
Fred Ward
Ralph Freed

Members Not in Attendance:

Jarrett-Welch Wrestling Co.
Not Represented

Mississippi Wrestling Enterprise
Not Represented

*It is stated later on in the minutes that George Culkin was a member, as he had been involved in a lawsuit with McGuirk. So this is most likely him.

Don Owen Sports, INC.
Proxy Given to Gene Kiniski

Southeastern Wrestling
Proxy Given to Jim Barnett

World Championship Wrestling (Australia)
Proxy Given to Jim Barnett

New Members Accepted:

M & M Promotions (Canyon, TX)
Capitol Sports (San Juan, PR)
Peter Maivia (Polynesia)

Officers Elected:

Bob Geigel - President
Mike LeBell - 1st Vice President
Nick Gulas - 2nd Vice President

*Jim Barnett was also Secretary/Treasurer

Board of Directors Elected (same as previous year):

Jack Adkisson
Jim Barnett
Jim Crockett, Jr.
Dory Funk, Jr.
Bob Geigel
Mike LeBell
Vincent McMahon
Don Owen
Fred Ward

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Post by Clint_M » 2002/04/12 Fri 9:18 am

Just wanted to say how cool these membership listings are. Hope to see more in the future.

I did have a couple of questions. Was the Catch Schober promotion the Catch Wrestling Association?

Also, what's the story behind the new members being accepted in Polynesia and Canyon, TX? Was Hawaii running shows during this time? Looking at the title histories before PPPW came to existance there were the N.W.A. Hawaiian and Hawaiian Tag Titles. Was there some sort of transfer of membership? Same with the Amarillo promotion out of Canyon, TX with Blackjak Mulligan and Dick Murdoch taking over?

Dan Poutsma
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Post by Dan Poutsma » 2002/04/12 Fri 7:59 pm

Otto Wanz was the promoter for the Catch Wrestling Association, so I assume it's not the same office as Catch Schober.

As far as the new members go, the minutes from the meeting don't say anything about any transfers of membership. All it states is that since M&M Promotions (Murdoch and Mulligan) had been engaged in litigation, it was recommended that it be required to indemnify the NWA, it's agents, and the World champion against any costs which might be incurred arising out of it's actions prior to it's admission to membership.

Dan Poutsma
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Post by Dan Poutsma » 2003/06/17 Tue 6:12 pm

Just bumping this up so Hisa can update the 1979-80 period of the membership history with a more accurate listing.

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