Andre vs. Maeda Shoot Match?

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Post by Spunkwhy » 2004/01/18 Sun 3:55 pm

amen.. And I think Maeda decided to shoot on Andre simply because he could, and knew Andre wasn't all there. How else to help elevate your name but than to stiff a legend?
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Post by AbBY » 2004/10/19 Tue 9:21 pm

Does anyone have the Andre vs Abdullah match? I think it was in japan.
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Post by Tradewynd » 2004/10/20 Wed 12:19 pm

I would tend to agree with the sentiment that Andre would not have much of a chance against Maeda, assuming that Maeda was able to avoid the one or two striking attempts that Andre would try to get off. You can't punch someone (effectively) when your arm is broken.

If Maeda was trying to elevate himself at Andre's expense he should have gone all out by breaking every bone in his skull and then pinning him with a Jericho-like egomaniacal cover. Now that's how you get yourself over.

Maeda would certainly be the favorite, but by no means would Andre not have a chance. Especially if Andre was sober. I suppose the question we're really asking is which is more devastating, Maeda's kicks or 108 beers?
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