DVDs I would like to see

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DVDs I would like to see

Post by Americancyco » 2002/03/26 Tue 4:00 pm

I really wish they would put out DVDs with the title histories of each title. They could include high lights from all the title changes they have on film.
The WWF could do this with their HW, Tag Team and IC titles.
They could also do this for the WCW HW, US and Tag Team titles.
(these would probally include the NWA titles)

I would love to see this done for the NWA HW and Tag Team, but I know that is a long shot.

Tokyo Pop could do it for FMW.

Pioneer could do it for ECW, I don't know how far back their Video library goes, but this would make a great DVD.
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Post by Tradewynd » 2002/04/04 Thu 4:54 pm

Feinstein made tapes of both the ECW World and TV Title histories. Maybe if you ask real nice he'll get find a copy that won't give you a headache and press it for you:)
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