Board-controlled titles in early 1950s

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Board-controlled titles in early 1950s

Post by Hisaharu Tanabe » 2004/05/29 Sat 12:42 pm

I recenly obtained a copy of the May 1953 issue of "N.W.A. Official Wrestling" magzine. The magazine includes the editorial by president Sam Muchnick. Toots Mondt is listed as the president & treasurer of the magazine while (probably) all the NWA members are listed as the professional consultnants.

The cover has these wrestlers as the holder of the respective world title:
- Lou Thesz, heavyweight
- Danny McShain, junior heavyweight
- Gypsy Joe, light heavyweight (not the death match king from 70s/80s)
- Mildred Burke, women's
- June Byers & Mary Jane Mull, women's tag team

Two issues I found interesting:

1) The WTH book says that NWA orginally was going to recognize the match where Joe won for the championship but decided not to. As I mentioned in another thread, however, the cover and one of the articles acknowledge the title match victory. I guess NWA board recognized him as the champion after all.

2) It's possible that the women's titles were actually recognized by the NWA board until mid 60s when Byers retired and Penny Banner's (AWA) title was vacated. Burke was booked through Leroy McGuirk, who was listed as the successors to Billy Wolfe, while Byres & Mull were booked through "Fletcher" of Girl Wrestling Enterprises, Inc. in Columbus, Ohio. Not sure who Fletcher is.

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Post by edgehead1984 » 2004/05/29 Sat 3:02 pm

Where did you get this mag???

I thought the NWA never recognized Burke???
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