Is nobody discussing Mexico??

Plus other countries in Central & South America. Topics on Puerto Rico should be posted under "U.S. & Canada Regional Territories".
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Post by The Crowbar King » 2004/01/13 Tue 2:35 pm

It seems to me that the title histories in Lucha Libre are a bit blurred. I know several Mexican promotions have World champions, but they don't seem to be promoted as being more important than the lesser weight titles. I think this may be one thing that keeps some American fans away. But I must say that I am very interested to learn more about Lucha Libre than I can learn from the Apter mags or Mike Tenay.

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Post by villano619 » 2004/04/30 Fri 5:28 pm

You can always visit for great up to date info on Lucha Libre cards. One of the best mathes ever, was the Mask vs. Mask between Atlantis and Villano III, also on Highspots, they have a great video selection including great National Trios title matches.

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