Middleweights in the UK

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Middleweights in the UK

Post by Niall » 2003/12/25 Thu 8:49 pm

First off, my knowledge of any inter-promotional ties related to this post are somewhat limited. Looking into the careers of Satoru Sayama and Keiichi Yamada in particular, I noticed that they both passed through the doors of the UK's All Star Promotions in the 70s and 80s respectively, working alongside Dynamite Kid and Marc Rocco (Black Tiger), among others.

I can't help but wonder why they never returned to wrestle in the UK, in what could have been a fresh style to revitalise a fading British wrestling scene in the 80s.

I for one would have loved the prospect of being able to go and see Sammy Lee and Flying Fuji Yamada return under their new monikers of Tiger Mask or Jushin Liger, offering UK fans a taste of what they are missing now and then. Not to mention, Dynamite Kid returning from Stampede/New Japan to compliment the style.

Perhaps when Dynamite left for Stampede all ties were cut, and similarly with Sayama and Yamada when they finished their learning curve. Perhaps the UK promotions couldn't pay well?

I just think that if it had been the case, we may have also been blessed with Benoit, Eddy, Ohtani etc as time progressed.

Has there ever been a UK-Japan wrestling tie, like Stampede and New Japan had?

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