VIDEO TO DOWNLOAD : CWA - Flesh Gordon vs Cato Gipsy

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Dr Feelgood
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Post by Dr Feelgood » 2003/09/27 Sat 8:37 pm

Very poor match.
On the technical side, it's choppy, with little or no wrestling at all and no physical exertion put into the holds. They seem to spend most of their time using weak hammerlocks and keylocks as lengthy transition holds towards a few basic crowd-pleasing spots.
One or two of the spots are OK, but they only underline the fact that there is no sense of a fight or any real physical contest for the holds. The submission work is bad.

There is little or no build-up and not much of a story either. The blond guy is clearly the inferior worker, which might explain why it's so **** choppy. His selling is pretty lethargic, but you do get the underdog feeling from him as he looks pretty lost in the ring.

I'd give it 1/4* for the effort.Though I still don't understand why you'd want anybody to watch this?

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