Andre V Maeda

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Andre V Maeda

Post by phil » 2003/04/23 Wed 5:36 am

This match took place sometime during 1986. I beleive a WWF/NJPW joint show or atleast that is what the downloaded file said. Anyways, Maeda for the last 15 min. or so of the match stayed away from andre. Towards the end ANdre startedto get pretty mad. Inoki came out and everyone involved started arqeing. From what I get out of it Andre got mad becasue all Maeda would do is kick him in the leg and run away. anyone have any details onthis one.

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Post by Luds » 2003/04/23 Wed 7:21 am

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Post by Hisaharu Tanabe » 2003/04/23 Wed 8:09 am

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