Fujinami vs. Choshu feud from the 80s

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Fujinami vs. Choshu feud from the 80s

Post by Hisaharu Tanabe » 2002/02/15 Fri 7:00 pm

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Originally posted by Eric Walls:
I have been reading/researching stuff on puroresu and this fued keeps coming up.

Can someone explain the fued to me? Who was involved? What were they fueding over? Exactly how did it change the face of puroresu?

You gotta understand some of Japanese culture to understand the feud.

In Japan, politics and seniority is usually more important than skill and knowledge. (I'm sure some people would say it's the same in the U.S., but let's just say Japan is so more than the U.S.)

Choshu, although he turned pro with a successful amateur record, didn't get much push. Fujinami, on the other hand, had always been "Inoki's boy" and was promised the top position in the future. After Fujinami moved up to the heavyweight division, he was still getting push by winning WWF International Heavyweight title, and there wasn't really a place for Choshu to fit in. Choshu went to Mexico and captured the prestigeous UWA World Heavyweight Title and claimed that he should now be on the same status as Fujinami. After coming back to Japan, he was still treated as "lower" than Fujinami, and it lead to the breakup between them during the 6man tag team match with Inoki against Abdullah, Bad News Allen, and SD Jones.

Choshu immediately became a big hero by breaking "the rule of the society". Known as "Revolutionary", he was one of the main factors for New Japan's golden era in early 80s.

Choshu was very popular as someone who is going for the top. Now, he really became the top guy in both the ring and politics within New Japan, and he obviously lost some popularity.

Exactly how did it change the face of puroresu?

It brought the meaningful feud between Japanese wrestlers. Until then, it was usually between Japanese faces and foreign heels. First, the popularity of the Funks, Mascaras Bros., and Steamboat changed the status of foreign wrestlers in All Japan(that foreigners don't always have to be heels), and then, the Choshu incident(?) lead to the popular fueds between Inoki's New Japan group, Rusher Kimura's former IWE guys, and Choshu's Revolution Army(later the original Ishingun, not to be confused with the Heisei Ishingun headed by Koshinaka).

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