CWF - Retirement of Cowboy Luttrall

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CWF - Retirement of Cowboy Luttrall

Post by Ronald » 2011/06/27 Mon 2:26 pm


i have a queston about NWA Championship Wrestling from Florida:

You have written this:
Promoters: Clarence P. "Cowboy" Luttrell (49/07 - 79/09)
Eddie Graham (79/09 - 85/01)
Duke Keomuka & Hiro Matsuda (85/01 - 87/02)
According to the NWA Book of Tim Hornbaker, Cowboy Luttrall sold his percentage in the company to Eddie Graham in September 1970 and retired.

Do you mean September 1970??


Hisaharu Tanabe
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Re: CWF - Retirement of Cowboy Luttrall

Post by Hisaharu Tanabe » 2011/06/27 Mon 11:47 pm

Yes, it was my typo. I had 70/09 in the parent page (index for Florida).

Thanks for pointing out!

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