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"The History of World Championship Wrestling"

Posted: 2006/12/13 Wed 7:58 pm
by Bushinyou
I have begun taking pre-orders for "The History of World Championship Wrestling." The book is $25.00, with no shipping and handling charges.

Keep in mind when ordering that this is a statiscal project. The second edition of the book, assuming I get that far with this project, may include some of the political rumors/facts and humorous anecdotes within the company.

The book will include all pay-per-views, many television show results, and many house show results. Unfortunately, there may be some house show results that may never be found. Same thing with some of the TV tapings. I have included dates that matches aired on television when the information was available.

In all, the book will include schedule listings, attendance figures, results from November 1988-March 2001, title histories, title defense histories (a project that I am proud to be a part of), ratings history, Raw VS. Nitro ratings comparisons, Smackdown! VS. Thunder ratings comparisons.

While I can't give you a definite answer as to how many pages the book will be as of yet, I will estimate it to be 400-600 pages. I think you'll be happy with the final product if you decide to purchase the book.

Assuming I don't "find" many more new items to put in the book, shipping should occur around February 1st (give or take one or two weeks).

Anyone who would like to order using PayPal can do so by clicking the "Buy Now" button at the top of my website. Otherwise, shoot me a PM or e-mail and I will send you the information as soon as possible.