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"Mexican Heavyweight Title"

Posted: 2006/07/27 Thu 6:36 pm
by Bushinyou
Was this the World heavyweight title belt that Konnan used in AAA? If so, it says in that title history that Konnan left AAA in October 1996. However, I have a result as late as 11/11/1996 that lists Konnan as "Mexican champion." Any ideas as to why this is the case?

Posted: 2006/07/28 Fri 9:22 am
by Hisaharu Tanabe
In addition to AAA World Heavyweight Title, he also held IWAS World Heavyweight Title in 96. Though the AAA title was declared vacant later in the year, he may have kept the IWAS title (can't find any info on his title defense). I remember Konnan carrying a belt while being introduced as Mexican champ. Maybe it was the IWAS belt, but I'm not sure.