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World Heavyweight Title date correction?

Posted: 2006/07/24 Mon 7:42 pm
by Bushinyou
The dates I've always seen listed for the held-up World title match between Flair and Steamboat is 04/23/1994 or 04/24/1994, but I have a listing that says 04/21/1994. What gives?

Posted: 2006/07/25 Tue 12:15 am
by Hisaharu Tanabe
The sources I have say the 24th.

Posted: 2006/07/25 Tue 1:28 am
by Bushinyou

I searched through the rules and didn't find anything against posting a link regarding this topic from my own board. However, if it's against the rules, I apologize in advance, Hisa. Go ahead and remove it if it is against the rules.

But if you look, you'll see there's a show from 04-20-1995 and 04-21-1995 in Atlanta, with Flair pinning Steamboat. Someone says they have a verification of it being on 04-21-1995, not 04-24-1995.

What do you think?

Posted: 2006/07/25 Tue 8:48 am
by Hisaharu Tanabe
hmmmm.... Do you know on what day of the week they held the Saturday Night taping back then? I kinda believe they taped bi-weekly (for two episodes each).

Posted: 2006/07/25 Tue 3:50 pm
by Dan Poutsma
I was looking through the RSPW archives and in a post dated Sunday April 24, 1994, it states that Flair pinned Steamboat to win the held-up title "last Thursday". So that would've been the 21st.

Posted: 2006/07/25 Tue 4:33 pm
by Bushinyou

If you don't mind, I'd like you to register on my board so I can forward a couple of PM's regarding this subject. They basically confirm what Dan is saying.

Posted: 2006/07/25 Tue 5:40 pm
by Hisaharu Tanabe
Yeah, I completely forgot about the newsgroup archives (especially from way back when those posts were more accurate). Big thanks to both of you. I corrected the date.

BTW, I changed the thread title to make it more specific.

Posted: 2006/07/25 Tue 5:56 pm
by Bushinyou
It should also be noted that the title was not officially held-up until the day of the title change.