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WCW Women's Heavyweight Title

PostPosted: 2005/01/03 Mon 4:27 pm
by necrosis215
Yet again, I'm struggling for informaiton, here's what I have:

[quote]World Championship Wrestling Women’s World Heavyweight Title MatchesWorld Championship Wrestling Women’s World Heavyweight Title (29/12/1996 – 23/03/2001)


<span style='color:Blue'>Akira Hokuto</span> 29/12/1996 Nashville, TN
*Pinned Madusa Miceli (Alundra Blaze) in tournament final.
DCOR Madusa Miceli 30/12/1996 Knoxville, TN


W-P Debbie Combs 31/03/1997 <span style='color:Red'>?</span>
W-P Madusa Miceli 06/04/1997 Tupelo, MS
W-P Malaia Hosaka 09/06/1997 Boston, MA
W-P Madusa Miceli 15/06/1997 Moline, IL
*Title vs. career match.





*WWF purchased WCW on 23/03/2001 and took control of all their titles. Unknown if the WWF continued to recognise Hokuto as champion although unlikely as they had their own Women’s Championship.

Inactive from 23/03/2001


*Hokuto retired on 07/04/2002 undefeated as champion.

Can anybody help to fill in any of the blanks or offer defences from Japan?


PostPosted: 2005/01/03 Mon 6:02 pm
by Dan Poutsma
The only titles the WWF kept active after the buyout in 2001 were the WCW title, tag team title, U.S. title and Cruiserweight title. The only other title in WCW at the time was the Cruiserweight tag title, and they chose to discontinue it probably because they felt it wasn't necessary to have in the first place. The Women's title had been dropped by WCW long before.

PostPosted: 2005/01/06 Thu 6:59 am
by necrosis215
Thanks Dan, this was as I imagined it. When did the relationship between WCW and NJPW stop? I'd see this as a good date to use.


PostPosted: 2005/01/06 Thu 1:53 pm
by Dan Poutsma
I'm pretty sure they were working together until the end.