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Another WCW Title thread - Cruiserweight Tag

PostPosted: 2005/01/03 Mon 3:37 pm
by necrosis215
I am currently making up title defence lists for the WCW Titles, here's what I have for the Cruiserweight Tag:

World Championship Wrestling World Cruiserweight Tag Team Title Matches
World Championship Wrestling World Cruiserweight Tag Team Title (18/03/2001 – 26/03/2001)


<span style='color:Blue'>Kid Romeo & Elix Skipper</span>   18/03/2001  Jacksonville, FL
*Defeated Filthy Animals (Billy Kidman & Rey Misterio Jr.) in tournament final when Romeo pinned Misterio.
L-P  Filthy Animals (Billy Kidman & Rey Misterio Jr.) 26/03/2001  Panama Beach, FL
Kidman pinned Skipper
*Animals won an earlier 3-way match with Young Dragons (Yang & Kaz Hayashi) and 3 Count (Shannon Moore & Evan Karagias) when Misterio pinned Moore to face the champions.

<span style='color:Blue'>Filthy Animals (Billy Kidman & Rey Misterio Jr.)</span>

Inactive from 26/03/2001

Is the date of 26/03/2001 correct for the title to be inactive? I don't know of any WCW cards after that date, the next defences I list for ANY WCW title is in July when they went to "invade" the WWF. Therefore, if the title wasn't defended after this date and the title was never referred to again, I see the 26th March (final Nitro) as the time the title became inactive.


PostPosted: 2005/01/03 Mon 6:04 pm
by Dan Poutsma
The WWF just chose not to continue it. Take your pick for an actual date of inactivity.