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Unknown WCW Title Change???

PostPosted: 2005/01/02 Sun 4:27 pm
by necrosis215
Was just going through results archives to update my title defence list on the WCW / WWE Cruiserweight Title and noticed this result at <a href='' target='_blank'></a>

Match 1: Cruiserweight Title Match: Mike Modest vs. Prince Iaukea

Prince and Modest lock up, Modest decks Prince, and Prince jumps right back up, Modest whips Prince into the ropes, Prince bounces back and kicks Modest down. Modest throws Prince to the outside, and dominates him, Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Chris Candido both come out. Tony tells us Sid isn't here, but he has put a bounty on Hulk Hogan, $500,000. Modest has Prince up on the inside and drops him down, Modest covers Prince, and almost wins, but not close enough, Prince with a samoan drop on Modest, Modest knocks Chavo off the apron, Modest picks Prince up and drops him with a back slide piledriver, and covers…and WINS THE TITLE….While Chavo and Candido brawl around.

Winner: New Cruiserweight Champion: Mike Modest

Now, I was thinking, ah, non-title match at first but then noticed that I had this result listed in my results:

<span style='color:Blue'>Price Iaukea</span>
W-P Michael Modest 27/03/2000 South Padre Island, TX

I'm thinking that either the guy listing the results got it wrong or there were some circumstances surrounding the match to nullify the title change. Does anybody remember this episode of Nitro from nearly 5 years ago??? I know this seems unlikely but is there any way to actually find out? Anybody know any other results sources with Nitro results etc.?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


PostPosted: 2005/01/02 Sun 10:16 pm
by Daishikaze
I remember it, and it was for the title. because The Artist said to Mike and 2 other guys, that he wanted to give one of them a title shot because he felt Candido and Chavo weren't worthy opponents anymore (or something to that effect). He picked Modest and things went down like you said, but the next week The title was still on The Artist and no one ever mentioned Modest's win or any house show loss. I have no idea what happened.

PostPosted: 2005/01/03 Mon 2:57 pm
by Hisaharu Tanabe
Here's what I have from <a href='' target='_blank'>my page</a>:

TAFKA Prince Iaukea 2000/02/20 San Francisco, CA (Monday)
* Defeats Lash LeRoux in tournament final.
Billy Kidman [3] 2000/03/30 Baltimore, MD (Thursday)
TAFKA Prince Iaukea [2] 2000/03/31 Pittsburgh, PA (Friday)
* Title was declared vacant on 2000/04/10 (Monday)

Was "Thunder" live on Thursdays around this time, or had it already moved to Wednesdays?

Is that possible Kidman won it from Modest, or was the title back to Iaukea on this date?

Was the Friday card in Pittsburgh just a house show, or some kind of special on TV?

PostPosted: 2005/01/03 Mon 3:07 pm
by necrosis215
Hisa, this is all that I have in total from around this time:

<span style='color:Blue'>Price Iaukea</span> 20/02/2000 San Francisco, CA
*Pinned Lash LeRoux in tournament final.
W-P La Parka 21/02/2000 Sacramento, CA
W-P Crowbar 23/02/2000 Reno, NV
W-P David Flair 28/02/2000 Minneapolis, MN
L-DQ Chavo Guerrero Jr. 01/03/2000 Fargo, ND
L-DQ Psicosis 08/03/2000 Winston-Salem, NC
L-DQ Billy Kidman 11/03/2000 Bismarck, ND
W-P Psicosis 19/03/2000 Miami, FL
L-P Michael Modest 27/03/2000 South Padre Island, TX
*Title change not recognised.
<span style='color:Red'>L</span> Billy Kidman 30/03/2000 Baltimore, MD

<span style='color:Blue'>Billy Kidman [3]</span>
L-P Price Iaukea 31/03/2000 Pittsburgh, PA

<span style='color:Blue'>Price Iaukea [2]</span>
*Declared vacant by WCW executives Eric Bischoff and Vice Russo on 10/04/2000 in Denver, CO.

Vacant on 10/04/2000

So, all Iaukea's defences up to the Mike Modest one were okay. The Modest change seems to just have been ignored even though it happened live on Nitro (27th March).
Thunder was taped on Wed. 29th March and Kidman had a match vs. Harris Bros. - <a href='' target='_blank'></a>

The title change on Thu. 30th to Kidman must have been a house show which would explain why I don't have the result listed. I've only found limited house shows for WCW.


EDIT - The 31st March title change was on a Fri. Wasn't a PPV or special event.

I got the information from this site : <a href='' target='_blank'></a>

Billy Kidman [3]  
d. the artist formerly known as Prince Iaeuka (03/30) - Baltimore
House Show match, never mentioned on air  

the artist formerly known as Prince Iaeuka [2]  
d. Kidman (03/31) - Pittsburgh
House Show match, never mentioned on air

Here are the House Show results from Puttsburgh, PA - <a href='' target='_blank'></a>

At the beginning of the night, David Penzer informed us of the Cruiserweight Title switch last night. So for one night, we got to see Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman. Sounds nice, eh? In any case, Kidman (w/ Torrie) lost to the Artist (w/ Paisley) after his weak DDT from the second rope, although he actually hit most of it this time. The Artist regains the CW Title.

But for the Baltimore house show - <a href='' target='_blank'></a>

Billy Kidman def. TAFKAPI to win the WCW World Cruiserweight Title (?!)


PostPosted: 2005/01/04 Tue 12:04 pm
by Luds
We should email modest about this ;)

PostPosted: 2005/01/06 Thu 7:01 am
by necrosis215
Do you have his e-mail address? That would be great to contact him and verify what went on, thanks.


PostPosted: 2005/01/06 Thu 9:57 am
by Luds
Sorry I don't. Does he even have an official site?