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WCW World Cruiserweight Title

Posted: 2004/12/13 Mon 3:13 pm
by necrosis215
Results for WCW are scarce on the Internet so I thought maybe some of you gurus could help. I'm looking for more information concerning the following:

<span style='color:Blue'>Shinjiro Ohtani</span>
<span style='color:Red'>L</span> Dean Malenko 02/05/1996 Lake Buena Vista, FL
*How did Malenko win the match? Pinfall?

<span style='color:Blue'>Alex Wright</span>
<span style='color:Red'>L</span> Chris Jericho 12/08/1997 Colorado Springs, CO
*How did Jericho win the match?

<span style='color:Blue'>Lenny Lane</span>
*Stripped on <span style='color:Red'><02/10/1999 </span> when Lane was taken off T.V. following complaints from a gay and lesbian association about his ring character.
*What was the exact date that Lane got stripped of the title?

<span style='color:Blue'>Psicosis [2]</span> 02/10/1999 <span style='color:Red'>?</span>
*What was the location at which Psicosis was awarded the title?

<span style='color:Blue'>Price Iaukea</span>
<span style='color:Red'>L</span> Billy Kidman 30/03/2000 Baltimore, MD
*How did Kidman win the match?

<span style='color:Blue'>Billy Kidman [3]</span>
<span style='color:Red'>L</span> Price Iaukea 31/03/2000 Pittsburgh, PA
*How did Iaukea win the match?

That's all for now, perhaps we can get more detailed stuff later.