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NWA-WCW Tag Team titles

PostPosted: 2002/09/10 Tue 8:20 am
by JustS2pendous
I know the NWA relaunched the titles in 92 but when did the old NWA tga titles become the WCW ones? When the name changed? If so does the WCW tag titles last worn by the Dudley's connect to the NWA World Tag Titles of the 80's etc...Was it just the same title and lineage with a name change and then the old name was relaunched as new titles with the old name?

PostPosted: 2002/09/10 Tue 3:24 pm
by Americancyco
You could tie the WCW tag titles that where unified with the WWF tag titles last year, all the way back to the old JCP NWA tag titles.

The NWA never have one real set of world tag titles until they awarded the tag belts to the R-N-R Express on Raw a few years back. Before that there where many different NWA world tag titles.

PostPosted: 2002/09/10 Tue 6:43 pm
by JustS2pendous
Just as I thought then, the old NWA Tag Titles were simply renamed to the WCW belts and the Alliance created a new title in 92 using the old name.

PostPosted: 2002/09/11 Wed 2:16 am
by Dan Poutsma
World Championship Wrestling, Inc. started referring to what was originally the "NWA" World tag team title as the "WCW" World tag team title during Doom's reign as champions. When they decided to bring back the "NWA" title in 1992, they said that it had been considered "vacant".

So technically, you can argue that there's an "NWA" lineage (originally recognized by Jim Crockett Promotions, Inc. and then World Championship Wrestling, Inc,) and a separate "WCW" lineage (recognized by World Championship Wrestling, Inc. and then World Wrestling (Federation) Entertainment, Inc.), with the point of intersection being the "unification" by Terry Gordy and Steve Williams, followed by the reigns of Windham & Rhodes, Steamboat & Douglas, Austin & Pillman, and then Arn & Roma before the "NWA" title was abandoned when WCW, Inc. withdrew from the Alliance.