RAW's championship, a new championship!

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Post by Dan Poutsma » 2003/07/09 Wed 8:09 pm

Originally posted by TJ Vermeer
Come to think of it.. The NWA/WCW title split reminds of the WWE/Raw tag title split..

NWA title -> billed as WCW (and WCW International) title -> NWA title revived in a tournament..

WWWFE tag title -> billed as 'World' tag title -> WWWFE tag title revived in a tournament..

These situations are not exactly the same thing.

The WWE tag title on SmackDown!
is considered a new championship. When she first announced the tournament, Stephanie explicitly said that the winners of it would be the "first" champions. Meaning that the original WWF/E tag team title is the current World tag team title on RAW, only referred to as that now to make it coincide with the shows top singles championship being billed as just the World heavyweight title.

As for WCW, they may have referred to the reigning NWA World champion as the WCW World champion, but the fact remains that Flair continued to hold the NWA title for approximately two months after he was stripped of the WCW title. So it's not the case that they were the exact same title like it is with the WWF/World tag team title.

Oh, and they never actually billed the NWA champion as the "WCW International" World champion either because the NWA stripped Flair of title recognition upon WCW's withdrawal. After the court case ended, all WCW did was take the physical "NWA" championship belt (which they presented evidence that they had legal ownership of) and utilized it to create a completely new title. And that itself didn't even happen until a short time AFTER Rude won it at Fall Brawl. The so-called "title" match at that event wasn't even an actual title match. It was billed as being simply for the "Gold Belt".

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RAW world title is wCw Title

Post by joeyi » 2003/07/19 Sat 12:39 pm

Many people have commented on this and those who say that NWA and WCW title are different are RIGHT. WCW championship has NO linage to the NWA world title.

BUT the wcw title was brought into WWE billed as the wcw title...then world championship..then apart of undisputed title...that title made theWWE title undisputed with out each belt there would be NO undisputed title.

SO when the title bcomes disputed...the belts split back up...

meaning the WWE title was kept on SD and the world title...renamed world heavyweight championship (to sound more legit) was brouguht to RAW...to teh number 1 contender to teh undisputed title (it was Taker bent he went to SD) so Trips sould be the champion...F a tournament he deserved it...and has made it a presitges championship since then..only losing it to HBK for a month

bascially the wcw title and world heavyeeight title is the same title....it was a single title then part of a unified title then when that tile broke apart...the title came back out teh same way..

Ric Flair was teh first championship HHH is the latest champion...

Wcw World Heavyweight Championship
IS the
World Heavyweight Championship

nwa has nothing to do with it!

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Thanks for clearing that up... I never knew that.. :D
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If you would like to continue discussing on the relationship between NWA, WCW, and RAW World Heavyweight Titles, please post on <a href='http://www.puroresu.com/forums/showthre ... eadid=2535' target='_blank'>this thread</a>. We don't need more than one thread for the same topic.