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<!--QuoteBegin-jimi rotton+--></span><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (jimi rotton)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'><!--QuoteEBegin-->what about the the "International Title"  

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I assume you're referring to the 'WCW International' World title.

After WCW formally resigned from the NWA in September 1993, they held onto the NWA world championship belt and continued to promote the match at their Fall Brawl PPV between Ric Flair (who was recognized by the membership and board of directors of the National Wrestling Alliance as the official NWA world champion prior to the split) and Rick Rude as a world championship bout. They also continued using the NWA name in some of their advertising and the NWA ended up taking them to court.

The NWA failed to block the match from taking place (WCW's lawyers had presented documentation that they owned the physical belt and associated 'goodwill') and Rude won what was now being called just the 'World heavyweight title' since WCW no longer had any legal right to call it the 'NWA' title.

However, shortly thereafter, the announcers subsequently stated that Rude was NOT recognized as a champion of any kind (possibly due to additional heat put on them by the NWA), that Vader's title was the only 'world' championship recognized by WCW, and that Rude just held the 'Gold Belt', which they claimed was itself prestigious.

But then they changed their minds again. It was announced that Rude was a world heavweight champion afterall and that he had come to be recognized as such by 'WCW International', which apparently disagreed with the main WCW governing body. All of this happend sometime between Fall Brawl in Septmber and Halloween Havoc in October. I know Rude was definitely billed as the world champion at Havoc.

From what I recall, for a few months it was generally billed as the 'World heavyweight title', but it would be mentioned in passing that the championship was sanctioned by 'WCW International'. The first time I personally remember them calling it the 'WCW International' World title, using that exact phrase, was during a match between Rude and Johnny B. Badd on 'WCW Saturday Night' in February 1994. But like I said, that's just what I remember, so I could be wrong. After that point though, the announcers started calling it all kinds of things: the International title, International World title, International heavyweight title. World International title, etc., until it was eventually killed off after being unified with the WCW World title at the Clash of the Champions in June 1994.

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