TNA dropping the NWA titles?

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TNA dropping the NWA titles?

Post by Exit » 2007/03/05 Mon 8:33 pm

Mike Johnson is reporting that TNA will be losing the rights to the NWA name and the NWA titles in the next several months. TNA has plans to introduce their own set of World and Tag Team titles very soon. One scenario being discussed would see Samoa Joe win the NWA title and then toss it down saying he's the TNA champion instead much like Shane Douglas did in ECW back in 1995.

Over the weekend, at an NWA show in Canada, Bryan Danielson made a challenge saying he wants to be the NWA champion. The NWA committee met and once the titles are gone from TNA Danielson is in line to be the next champion.
Apparently, there's some unhappiness between NWA and TNA. Interesting to see what happens to the titles after this. Will New Japan start booking the champions? They're big marks for the titles, aren't they?

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