NWA Membership Roster: 1976-77

Including NWAssociation (formerly NBA), the current version of NWA founded by Pinkie George, and other previous versions of NWAlliance, such as Des Moines and Kansas. Topics on regional territories may be moved to more appopriate board.
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NWA Membership Roster: 1976-77

Post by Hisaharu Tanabe » 2002/02/09 Sat 1:37 pm

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All Japan Pro Wrestling, Inc.

Arena Mexico, S.A. (EMLL)

Capitol Wrestling Corporation (V.J. McMahon, WWWF)

Championship Wrestling from Florida, Inc.

Jim Crockett Promotions, Inc. (Mid-Atlantic)

Eastern Sports Association, Ltd. (New Brunswick)

Farhat Enterprises, Inc. (Detroit)

Foothills Athletic Club, Ltd. (Stu Hart, Calgary)

Fundamentals, Inc. (Mike London, New Mexico)

Georgia Championship Wrestling, Inc.

Gulas-Welch Wrestling Enterprises, Inc. (Tennessee)

Gulf Coast Wrestling (Lee Fields, Mobile)

Heart of America Sports Attractions, Inc. (Central States)

Hollywood Wrestling Office (Mike LeBell, Los Angeles)

Japan Pro Wrestling (Booker: Junzo Hasegawa)

Kim Ill Pro Wrestling Foundation (South Korea)

Leroy McGuirk Enterprises, Inc. (Tulsa)

Mid-Pacific Promotions, Ltd. (Lord James Blears, Hawaii)

New Japan Pro Wrestling Co, Ltd.

Don Owen Sports, Inc. (Pacific Northwest)

R&S Booking Co. (Roy Shire, San Francisco)

Southwest Sports, Inc. (World Class)

Sports Unlimited (Funks, Amarillo)

St. Louis Wrestling Club, Inc.

Tunney Sports, Ltd. (Toronto)

Fred Ward Promotions, Inc. (Georgia)

World Championship Wrestling (Miller/O'Day, Australia)

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Post by Heretic » 2005/10/05 Wed 12:26 am

Gee, I wonder if there is a Kim Jong Il Pro Wrestling Foundation in North Korea, and if it is affiliated with today's NWA. :twisted:

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