Confirming Philadelphia location

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Confirming Philadelphia location

Post by convoy71 » 2004/08/11 Wed 4:47 pm

- Stanislaus Zbyszko [2] 25/04/15 Phidelphia, PA
- Dick Shikat 29/08/23 Phidelphia, PA Defeats Jim Londos
- Jim Londos 30/06/06 Phidelphia, PA
- Dean Detton 36/09/28 Philadelphia, PA
Has also defeated Ed Stranler Lewis in a title tournament final earlier in the year in Philadelphia, PA.
- Jim Londos 38/11/18 Philadelphia, PA

Can anyone possibly confirm the building these title changes took place. I would think most likely the old Philadelphia Arena (46th Market), where WWWF began in Phila. The arena dates back to 1920.

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