Negro Titles

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Negro Titles

Post by Hisaharu Tanabe » 2015/02/26 Thu 12:14 pm

During the segregation era, there were many negro/colored titles in the US. Here are some of those which are not listed on

United States Negro Heavyweight Title
Luther Lindsay 1966/04/19<
* Billed as champion in North Carolina and Virginia; still/again champion as of 70/09/12 and 71/10/29.

United States/American Negro Women's Title
Marva Scott 1968/05/18<
* Also billed as World Title; still/again recognized as of 70/02/10.

Negro Junior Heavyweight Title
Buddy Jackson 1947/10/09<
* Billed as champion in Milwaukee, WI on this date.

Colored Welterweight Title
Lee Umbles 1943/04/14<
* Billed as champion in Illinois on this date.

Negro Women's Tag Team Title
Marva Scott & Babs Wingo 1960/03/23<
* Billed as champions in Tipton, IN on this date.

Southeastern Negro Heavyweight Title
Charlie Cook 1971/11/04<
* Billed as champion in Gastonia, NC on this date.

Louisiana Negro Heavyweight Title
George Godfrey 1938 New Orleans, LA
* Defeats Seal Harris.
Mike Harmon 1965/02/03<

East Coast Negro Women's Title
Angel Burt 1962/05/03<
* Billed as champion in Iowa on this date.

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