Hulk a former NWA World Champ?

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Hulk a former NWA World Champ?

Post by wrestleman » 2009/03/18 Wed 8:22 pm

I was watching a match (not sure what fed) Featuring Terry "Hulk" Boulder and the commentators were saying how Hulk Won the NWA title and lost it in fifty-seven seconds could someone clear this up for me?

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Re: Hulk a former NWA World Champ?

Post by Dan Poutsma » 2009/03/25 Wed 8:38 pm

Unless I'm mistaken, I think he received at least one title shot against Harley Race when he was in the Southeastern area in the late 70s. It was probably some sort of screwjob where he "won" the belt only to have it taken away.

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