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Post by Yoshimitsu » 2002/08/21 Wed 12:25 pm

Andre no - sold Maeda for about five minutes, before Inoki ran in and stopped the match.
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Post by SpirituXBomba » 2002/08/21 Wed 3:48 pm

I remember that . interesting that the ending turned out that way.
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Post by CrimsonMask » 2002/08/23 Fri 1:32 am

Went WAY longer than 5. Andre looked blasted to the gills the second he came out of the dressing room, rolled Maeda around pretty easy and no-sold him for the first few minutes. Then Maeda started Thai boxing and landed a leg kick you could see shook Andre, and Andre's leg pretty much went dead and his already limited mobility was gone. Maeda kept kickboxing and Andre was just standing in the middle of the ring trying to con Maeda into coming close enough. Inoki came out and gave everybody a talking to and went back. Things didn't change any though. Maeda kept hitting Andre with round kicks to the leg and getting single-leg takedowns (which Andre hadn't let him early in the match, at this point he couldn't stop him), and finally Andre's leg buckled from a kick. Ended up with Andre on his back daring Maeda to pin him. Inoki came back out and threw out the match. Near-rumble between all the cornermen. Maeda started kicking chairs and throwing them around and finally went to the back. Last thing you saw was Andre going 'tell him to come back to the ring' and then finally he left. Went WAY longer than 5, you may have seen a 'highlight' tape.

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