Please settle a dispute: what was Tatsumi Fujinami's legit w

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El Topo
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Please settle a dispute: what was Tatsumi Fujinami's legit w

Post by El Topo » 2005/01/03 Mon 9:20 pm

Was he small enough to be a junior heavyweight in the US?

Hisaharu Tanabe
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Post by Hisaharu Tanabe » 2005/01/04 Tue 12:48 am

I don't have the information, but did he actually wrestle as a junior heavyweight in the US in '85? He had already moved up to the heavyweight division in Japan around late '81 and wrestled for WWF International Heavyweight title at MSG in August, '82.

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Post by stunning_grover » 2005/01/08 Sat 9:28 pm

Tatsumi Fujinami was definitely a heavyweight in 1985.

So what's the dispute? :confused:

matt farmer
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Post by matt farmer » 2005/02/24 Thu 4:48 am

When he was younger he fit more of the mold for a Junior Heavy. At no time in his career was Fujinami probably over 230lbs. He is a shorter guy. But he carried so much credibility they moved him up. Plus with the popularity of Tigermask (who was much smaller) they decided to move Fujinami up. Plus the whole seniority issue as well.

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