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by Tradition Rules
2003/08/23 Sat 1:24 pm
Forum: Other Regional Territories: pre-1990s
Topic: Hisa;what happened to the Canadian Hvywt Title History for A
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Hisa;what happened to the Canadian Hvywt Title History for A

....Wrestling NWA promotion out of British Columbia? I was doing some research for a friend of mine from Vancouver,and I noticed Tomko's ASW version of the NWA Canadian Hvywt Title is no longer listed. Was it removed for some reason or is this an error?

Thanks! :D

by Tradition Rules
2003/08/04 Mon 2:42 pm
Forum: Asia - outside Japan
Topic: Gwf
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I believe GWF stands for Global Wrestling Federation(not related to the early '90s Texas promotion),and it was(still is?) a Korean promotion. In the Korean comedy "The Foul King",the poster on the run dow gym/wrestling school the main character finds is a GWF promotional show poster. I've posted her...
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2002/09/20 Fri 2:07 pm
Forum: Asia - outside Japan
Topic: Korean Titles
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If you are interested in wrestling in Korea or even the history or titles,you may want to check out the DVD of the korean movie "The Foul King". It is a comedy about Pro Wrestling and a satire on the white collar class in Korean Society.It is the all time top grossing Korean comedy and 2nd all time ...
by Tradition Rules
2002/08/09 Fri 4:11 am
Forum: Asia - outside Japan
Topic: Korean wrestling movie and the old All Asia hvywt belt...
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Korean wrestling movie and the old All Asia hvywt belt...

Hey guys,its been a while since I posted here. Anyways,since this is the "title" board of the forum,this is just something I thought I'd pass along. I just very recently purchased the DVD of the Korean comedy film "The Foul King".It is the 2nd highest grossing Korean made movie in history and the al...
by Tradition Rules
2002/05/07 Tue 12:53 am
Forum: Japan
Topic: Hiro Matsuda
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This is an intersting story I have to tell; Back in February,I attented the Cauliflower Alley Club Banquet and Reunion in Las Vegas(if you are into the history or respect of the sport,this is a MUST for you to attend at least once in your life). I was lucky to speak with Tiger Conway Jr, for the bet...
by Tradition Rules
2002/05/07 Tue 12:25 am
Forum: Japan
Topic: Inoki Vs Andre
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I'm not sure of the date off hand,but it was back in about the mid '70s.I actually have the match on tape(or at least most of it in highlighted form).He had Andre in a reverse sitting armbar,where your opponent is lying face first on the mat with you opponent's arm bent backwards thhrought both of y...
by Tradition Rules
2002/04/10 Wed 10:32 am
Forum: National Wrestling Association/Alliance
Topic: nwa independant title
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Yup,there WAS a belt... resmbled the old "unified" world hvywt titles Jerry Lawler wore when he unified the AWA World hvywt and World Class titles.It DIDN'T have the initials NWA or the word independant on it,it just said "world heavyweight wrestling champion". It was made by Joe Marshall and was on his J-Mar belt we...
by Tradition Rules
2002/04/01 Mon 7:57 pm
Forum: Pro-Wrestling History: General
Topic: Favorite/Least Favorite Belt Designs/Beltmarks
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Here is my extremely nerdy belt mark response...

Repeat the title goes; I'm an "NWA mark" But I really like the WWF Hvywt belt fron '86/'87 when Hogan defended the belt at WM2 & WM3.The nice LARGE OVAL GLOBE on the belt just says "most imortant" or"number one title". I also like the NWA Tag Team Belts when the Steiners,Freebirds,& DOO...