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WWE title losing momentum

WWE title losing momentum

Postby TJ Vermeer » 2002/09/17 Tue 6:31 pm

I have the feeling the WWE title is really losing momentum, since the introduction of the World heavyweight title.
With all the talk about the Big Gold belt and the "lineage" of the World title on TV and the Internet, the WWE title is alsmost becoming secondary to the World title.
What do you guys think?

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TJ Vermeer
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Postby JustS2pendous » 2002/09/18 Wed 7:01 am

The WWE title has certianly been devalued, but as the brands are extending further away, eventually we may look at the two as different shows/companies.
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Postby DaKrow52 » 2002/09/18 Wed 12:06 pm

I agree. As cool as it is to see the Big Gold on TV again, this situation soooo reeks of the WCW International World Title fiasco. I agree with Scott Keith, who simply calls the title the "Fake World Championship".
Joe P.
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Postby RoaringElbow25 » 2002/09/18 Wed 6:34 pm

The world title really shouldnt become Bigger than the WWE title, it might but it shouldnt, because the World Title was never earned to Triple H it was just handed to him which to me it seems like as it means as much as the Million Dollar Belt. But eventually they will be just about equal, when both shows eventually seem completely seperate, everyone will have their prefrence and one may end up seemingly bigger than the other but right now I just see the World title as just a belt, and not yet a championship
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Postby JustS2pendous » 2002/09/20 Fri 4:09 am

As I've previously stated, if or hopefully when Raw is rebranded or re-named WCW, the World title will be fine and clear.
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I Don't Think So

Postby mattitude » 2005/04/28 Thu 12:38 pm


I don't believe that the WWWF/WWF/Undisputed/WWE Title is loosing momentum at all the RAW and Smackdown Brands are two different brands with each of the superstars going for there title/titles

Take a Look

RAW: ... eight.html
Smackdown: ... eight.html

and take a look at a special history of the Big Gold and all of its controversy at

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