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The Big 3's Titles

The Big 3's Titles

Postby ThePrinceofOldSchool » 2002/01/24 Thu 5:59 pm

I think the WWF should revive the ECW World Title and unify it with the WWF and WCW World Titles and have an American version of the Triple Crown....or maybe I'm wrong on this one
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Postby GreatMuta423 » 2002/01/25 Fri 10:41 am

no i dont think they should. you cant have a triple crown when 2 of the companys are out of business
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Postby ThePrinceofOldSchool » 2002/01/25 Fri 11:43 am

Thats a good point
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Postby phil » 2002/01/25 Fri 2:04 pm

I think that is a great idea to unify the big 3's titles. and yes it will work just look at All Japan and their Triple Crown, the PWF is no longer running and the NWA no longer recognizes the International and United National Titles.
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Postby Hisaharu Tanabe » 2002/01/25 Fri 5:19 pm

Not really. In case of All Japan, they unified the three titles when NWA was still considered active. Triple Crown should be considered as ONE title instead of a set of three different titles. They keep three belts because each title is very prestigeous. It's a different scenario from the stituation WWF could have handled in a much better way. Simply, they screwd this whole Alliance thing.
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Postby samoth » 2002/02/04 Mon 7:58 pm

For that to really happen, Rhino would have had to come into the WWF as ECW Champion. To label him as that now would just confuse regular fans anyway. Plus, ECW wasn't really big enough to have this be a necessity.
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Postby TJ Vermeer » 2002/02/05 Tue 7:51 am

They could revive the ECW titles after the split! But I don't think McMahon cares about the former WCW and ECW titles. I'm surprised the WWF still uses the Big Gold belt.

I still think, though, they should have unified the WWF Intercontinental and European titles and kept the United States as a separate title, or like I have said before, unify all three titles and call it the WWF Triple Crown title.
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