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Possible updates to World Class TV Title..

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Possible updates to World Class TV Title..

Postby cman73 » 2017/03/03 Fri 4:03 pm

Was going through some of my listings/results from 1982, and may have some updates to the lineage.

Since the title was only defended on Fort Worth shows and they ran on Monday's, I think the Spoiler's win came on 6/7/82. 6/12/82 was a Saturday, and most of the crew was in Waco, TX

On 6/14/82, in Fort Worth, I have Bill Irwin defeating The Spoiler for the TV Title, however, other listings have the Spoiler defeating Armand Hussein on that date.

On 6/21/82, in Fort Worth, I have Brian Adias defeating Bill Irwin for the TV Title

Then, on 7/19/82, Bill Irwin wins it back.

The only match in Fort Worth where Bugsy McGraw faced Bill Irwin for the TV Title was on 9/13/82, but the match was a draw. I would guess Irwin kept the title. I'm not sure if Bugsy ever held the title during this time.

Then on 10/4/82, Checkmate wins the title. I don't have the 10/18/82 Fort Worth card, but for 10/11/82 and 10/25/82 Checkmate wrestles Ken Mantel and Jose Lothario respectively. So, if Frank Dusek won the title, it would have to be 10/18/82, unless it was just awarded to him
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Re: Possible updates to World Class TV Title..

Postby Hisaharu Tanabe » 2017/03/15 Wed 2:00 am

Thanks! Listing has been updated.
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