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The Association still existed in 1975

Including NWAssociation (formerly NBA), the current version of NWA founded by Pinkie George, and other previous versions of NWAlliance, such as Des Moines and Kansas. Topics on regional territories may be moved to more appopriate board.

The Association still existed in 1975

Postby Hisaharu Tanabe » 2014/03/16 Sun 5:51 pm

Looks like the National Wrestling Association still existed in 1975.

From the 1975/12/09 issue of the Morning Herald (Hagerstown, MD):


Jack Adkisson (Fritz von Erich) was the president of the NWAlliance around this time.
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Re: The Association still existed in 1975

Postby Hisaharu Tanabe » 2014/08/09 Sat 4:34 pm

At least on paper, NWAssociation might have existed until 1985.

Click here for the Corporation Details from the State of Ohio.
Hisaharu Tanabe
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Re: The Association still existed in 1975

Postby Hisaharu Tanabe » 2014/08/09 Sat 10:03 pm

A letter from the president of the National Wrestling Association of America in 1962:
National Wrestling Association of America
R.B. Latting, President
Wilfred F. Lewis, 1st Vice-Pres.
WM. Brennan, 2nd Vice-Pres.
Ollie Downs, Sec.-Treas.
Emile Bruneau, 3rd Vice-Pres.
M.R. Forrester, 4th Vice-Pres.
Chas. W. Pian, Chairman Executive Committee


August - September, 1962

First, a thank you to the Honorable Albert D. Rosellini, Governor of Washington, the Honorable Harold Tollefson, Mayor of Tacoma, the Washington State Athletic Commission, their Chairmen, Wilbert F. Lewis, Dr. Chas. P. Larson, Anthony J. Felice and their lovely Wives. Secretary Mrs. R. Roberts and the Tacoma Athletic Commission for being such gracious hosts during our stay at Tacoma for our Convention. Your efforts and work was well planned, organized and managed with time for pleasure and Convention business.

Our wrestling meeting was well attended and opened as scheduled August 23rd at 9:00 A.M. Meeting was called to order by President Chas W. Pian and he greeted the Delegates and thanked all the members of the Association for giving their time and cooperation and working together during the year in helping to make our organization a better one. He also thanked the Washington State Athletic Commission for their whole-hearted support by having our National Wrestling Association placed on all signs, banners as well as the Convention book. President Pian also gave a very excellent report in which he reviewed his past record as Commissioner of the Missouri State Athletic Commission and recommended that all Commissions recognize the suspension list, he cautioned against fly-by-night operations at the expense of local promoters. He recommended that the Commissioners of State, City and Provinces work closely with their promoter in an effort to solve problems and keep wrestling at its highest tradition.

Chairmen of other Committees were called upon and presented their reports:

Executive: Lawson M. Lynn, Alabama
Constitution By-Laws: Clarence H. Crawford, Asheville, N.C.
Legislative: Dr. Wagner, Marion, Ohio
Membership: M.R. Forrester, Tennessee
Grievance: David Ott, Ohio
The Public Relations Chairman, Jay Edson, Arizona was absent

Secretary Downs presented his report both on the newsletter and bulletin which was approved and found in good order by the Finance Committee was also read informing the Delegates that 26 paid up Commissions of the regular membership were in good standing and also 20 Associate Members. With all bills paid as of August 19, 1962 left a balance in the bank for the ensuing year. The Secretary and Treasurer reported that he has received dues from the Nevada State Athletic Commission their Chairman for 1962 and also for 1963. He thanked Jim Deskin, their Chairman, who was present at the meeting. Chairman Emile Bruneau, Louisiana, of the Rating Committee presented and submitted his report to the delegates of the ratings in the Heavyweight and Junior Heavyweight Divisions which were accepted.

Heavyweight Class

World Champion: Buddy Rogers
W.S. (sic) Champion: Pat O’Connor
Johnny Valentino (sic)
Gene Kiniski
Eduard (sic) Carpentier
Antonio (sic) Rocco (sic)
Killer Kowalski
Rip Collins
Oni Wiki

Honorable Mention: Verne Gagne, Bill Miller, Karl Gotch, The Bruiser (Dick Afflis), Riggie (sic) Lisowski, Wilbur Snyder, Buddy Austin, Bobo Brazil, Sailor Thomas and Lorenzo Parente

Junior Heavyweight Class

World Champion: Danny Hodge
Irish Mike Clancy
Joe McCarthy
Hiro Matsuda
Dary (sic) Funk
Mike Dibrasse (sic)
Billy Vargo (sic)
Sonny Myers
Jerry Kozak
Dick Beattie

Robt. M. Summitt, Tennessee, Chairman of the Nominating Committee, due to important business at home had to leave early but turned his report over to David Ott, member of the Committee which he read and recommended the slate of officers to the delages which were accepted and elected for the ensuing year, 1962-1963.

R.B. Latting, President, Texas
Wilbert F. Lewis, 1st Vice President, Washington State
William Brennan, 2nd Vice President, Virginia
Emile Bruneau, 3rd Vice President, Louisiana
M.R. Forrester, 4th Vice President, Tennessee

The gavel was then turned over to the new elected President, R.B. Latting by the Chairman of the Executive Committee, Chas. W. Pian, who wished him well also urged all the members to cooperate and work with him throughout the year.

Latting thanked the delegates for having confidence in electing him as their President and will do everything in his power to keep our assocation at its highest level and with my friend, Director of Boxing and Wrestling, Alton Erickson, his help will be important to me.

President Latting’s first order of business was to reappoint Ollie Downs as Secretary-Treasurer of the Association.

Wilfred F. Lewis, our 1st Vice President and past president, Lawson M. Lynn both donated a Trophy, a perpetual award with a plaque, in presenting a resolution naming Frank N. Stojack, former Light heavyweight Champion of the World, now Sheriff in his County, to be the recipient of this award this year for his outstanding and constant inspiration to the youth of America by exemplifying the highest standards of fair play and giving freely his time and talents to support every worthwhile activity on behalf of the youth of America and has continued and expanded his interests and his services in the field of youth guidance. Each year thereafter, a plaque be supplied by the National Wrestling Association and given to a recipient for the same. The resolution was accepted and adopted by the delegates. A Committee was named and they named the Trophy the “Carl C. McCrary Perpetual Service Award” to be passed on yearly to the new recipient. Thanks to both Lewis and Lynn for this excellent deed done.

Old, as well as new business was taken up. One of importance was for a special committee to be apointed to meet with and discuss wrestling rules with other interested parties and organizations and present first the the Executive Committee for approval any changes in our By-Laws-Constitution which would up-grade and benefit Wrestling. If any changes approved by the Executive Board, it will then be brought before the delegates at the next Convention.

Upon the return of our Secretary-Treasurer, from the Convention, a letter awaited him at his office which was dated August 21st from the Secretary-Treasurer, Mr. George Naden of the Quebec, Canada Athletic Commission which read: “Enclosed, please find check covering our dues for 1962 to the National Wrestling Association. Our President, Mr. Henri Gagnon, was unable to attend the Convention this year or accept any charge with the organization for this term. Mr. Gagnon was sick for some time lately and has charged me to thank you for the consideration, the National Wrestling Association has put in him by making him eligible as present.

He hopes to give you the best cooperation in the futuer as he did in the past and wich you the best success in the year to come.”

We are very sorry to learn of our good friend, Henri Gagnon’s illness and we all hope and pray for his speedy recovery. We thank him for his past and faithful cooperation and his interest and work that he has always given to our Association and we will be looking for him to be with us at our next Convention.

Our Associate friend, Pedro Martinez, who has for four (4) years given the fans of Cleveland, as well as other cities in Ohio, top notch Wrestling Cards featuring top talent, will open the fall season at the Cleveland Area on Oct. 11th with an all-star gigantic Wrestling Card. Good luck Pedro!

Buddy Rogers defended his World Heavyweight title against Eduard (sic) Carpentier by pinning him 2 our (sic) of 3 falls that drew a crowd of 18,010 with a gate of $55,719 on July 27th at Comisky (sic) Baseball Park in Chicago for Promoter and our associate member, Fred Kohler. This was Roger’s (sic) 27th straight win in Chicago and the amount of money in these 27 appearances of the Champion for promoter Kohler hiked to $1,007,949 in the Windy City since May, 1960.

We welcome Frank N. Stojack this years new “Carl C. McCray Perpetual Service Award” winner and also Don Owens (sic), wrestling promoter in Portland, Albany Coos Bay, Medford, Eugene, Salem and Klamath Falls, Oregon as new associate members of our Association.

We were happy to meet Cliff Olson and Harry Elliott, Wrestling promoters in Washington State and also associate members at our Convention in Tacoma.

A salute to Mr. Dean A. Silverstone for his excellent job done as Publicity Director for Wrestling in Tacoma and Seattle in the Northwest. He really supplies important information on Wrestling, forthcoming programs and keeps the fans well posted on all wrestlers appearing on Wrestling shows. Keep up the good work, Dean.

Let us look forward and keep in close touch with your promoter, matchmaker or booking agent in your territory to supply the best talent for your Wrestling Fans and keep wrestling at its highest tradition for another successful season.

R.B. Latting, President
National Wrestling Association of America

Many Thanks To You As Your President ……
Hisaharu Tanabe
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Re: The Association still existed in 1975

Postby Hisaharu Tanabe » 2014/08/09 Sat 10:44 pm

The National Wrestling Association continuing to recognize the same world champions as the National Wrestling Alliance.
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Hisaharu Tanabe
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