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Wrestling Results from Great Britain / Ireland

Postby Ronald » 2013/04/05 Fri 8:05 am

01.01.1909 - Bury
Job Shambley def. John Lowton

04.01.1909 – Dalkeith, Scotland
Alec Munroe def. Jack Bain

08.01.1909 – Edinburgh, Waverley Market
Alec Munroe drew Yukio Tani

14.01.1909 - London, Oxford Music Hall
John Lemm (Switzerland) def. G C O'Kelly

20.01.1909 – Kilmarnock, Scotland
Alec Munroe drew Yukio Tani

25.01.1909 – London, Alhambra
John Lemm def. Patigler

26.01.1909 – London, Alhambra
Joe Carroll def. W. Klein (Germany)
Henry Irslinger def. King
Joe Shambley def. ???
F. Foscoe def. Pelotto (Italy)
Billy Charnock def. Schneider
William Price def. ???

28.01.1909 – London, Alhambra
Seaman D. Blazer def. C. Stargutt
Ferracio Colombi (Italy) def. P. Morris
John Cunningham def. F. Leslie
J. J. Mills def. H. McDonald
Walter Wilson def. R. Hillman
G. Pettell def. J. Brennan
Jack Carroll def. Darkey Stein
Bob Berry def. A. C. Powell
T. Gabler def. J. Chakin
Gunner F. Easter def. M. Jamieson
Jack Broadbent def. Seaman EJ Rudland
Seaman Jones def. A. Matthews
Jack Bentley def. Seaman J. Stacey
P. C. Olsen def. D. Brown
H. Tonge def. E. Yungi
Tom Rose def. D. Smith
T. Vaughan def. Thomas Monk
F. Foscoe def. Jack Broadbent
Frank Crozier def. Celestin Moret (France)
Withers Bain def. J. Convant (Belgium)

29.01.1909 – London, Alhambra
Adolph Blady def. John Glady
William Price def. Stan Piggot
Miles Sweeney def. Young Whiteman
R. Ferner def. T. Makin
Job Smith def. A. Haigh
Alf Hardy def. J. Winstanley
Billy Charnock def. A. B. Koch
J. Lawton def. E. Finnev

01.02.1909 – London, Alhambra
A. Hamburger def. Armando Ceechini
J. Holland def. J. Collala

01.02.1909 - London
Jack Lawton def. Richard Ferrer

02.02.1909 – London, Alhambra
Joe Carroll def. J. Waller
Lauritz Neilson def. F. Morris
J. Foster def. H. McDonald
Ernst Delaloye def. Phil Lane
Withers Bain def. George May
Charles Green def. McDonald (???)
Henry Irslinger def. G. Pettell
Jack Carroll def. G. H. Hyngh
Frank Crozier def. Job Shambley
J. P. Mills def. John Cunningham
J. Foster def. Ferracio Colombi
André Cherpillod (Switzerland) def. Ono

02.02.1909 - London
Jack Carroll def. Ernst Delaloye

03.02.1909 – London, Alhambra
J. Foster def. W. McKenzie
Joe Carroll def. Ernst Delaloye
Pat Connolly def. Frank Crozier
J. Holland def. A. Hamburger
Gabriel Lasartesse (France) def. Lauritz Neilson
John Lemm def. Abdullah
H. Tonge def. John Lowton
Tom Rose def. P. C. Olsen
Jack Broadbent def. William Price
Peter Gotz def. Tom Rose
Bob Berry def. Button Singh
Laurent le Beaucairois def. W. Rankin

03.02.1909 - London
John Lemm def. Ernst Delaloye
Joe Carroll def. Abdullah

04.02.1909 – London, Alhambra
Bob Berry def. J. J. Mills
Henry Irslinger def. ???
Frank Crozier def. J. Foster
Joe Carroll def. Lauritz Neilson
Billy Charnock def. Alf Hardy
Pat Connolly def. Withers Bain
Gabriel Lasartesse def. J. Holland

05.02.1909 – London, Alhambra
J. Foster def. Charles Green
John Lemm def. Joe Carroll
Jack Broadbent def. H. Tonge
Tom Rose def. Billy Charnock
Bob Berry def. (DQ) Henry Irslinger
André Cherpillod def. Laurent le Beaucairois

08.02.1909 – London, Alhambra
Tom Rose def. Jack Broadbent
Frank Crozier drew Bob Berry

09.02.1909 – London, Alhambra
Frank Crozier def. Bob Berry
John Lemm def. Pat Connolly

13.02.1909 – Glasgow, Coliseum Theatre
Alec Munroe def. Yukio Tani

27.02.1909 - Hull
George DeRelwyskow vs. Alf Hardy

03.03.1909 – Kingston upon Hull
G C O'Kelly def. Levette (Spain)

17.03.1909 – Glasgow, Caledonian Club
Jim Campbell def. Johann Josefsson

01.1910 - York
Buttan Singh def. Henry Irslinger

03.01.1910 – Glasgow, Coliseum Theatre
Kara Ibraham def. Coumy (France)
Paul Verssen def. Noel le Bordelais
Simon Antonitsch def. John Strubb
Karl Saft def. Liddell
Ichmeckial (Bohemia) def. Constant de Paris
Leon Dumont def. Anastace Anglio

04.01.1910 – Glasgow, Coliseum Theatre
Kara Ibraham def. Jim Campbell
Kara Suliman def. Paul Verssen
Anastace Anglio def. John Strubb
Matsuschenko def. Miller
Josef Smejkal drew Noel le Bordelais
Jim Esson def. Coumy

05.01.1910 – Glasgow, Coliseum Theatre
Karl Saft def. Miller
Noel le Bordelais def. Jim Campbell
Kara Ibraham def. Hugh McDonald
Simon Antonitsch def. Constant de Paris
Matsuschenko def. Leon Dumont

06.01.1910 – Glasgow, Coliseum Theatre
Anastace Anglio def. Kara Suliman
Simon Antonitsch def. Kara Ibraham
Karl Saft def. Matsuschenko
Josef Smejkal def. Noel le Bordelais
Jim Esson def. Kara Suliman

07.01.1910 – Glasgow, Coliseum Theatre
Jim Esson def. Kara Ibraham
Josef Smejkal def. Anastace Anglio
Simon Antonitsch def. Anastace Anglio
Karl Saft def. Noel le Bordelais

24.01.1910 until 05.02.1910 – London, Alhambra
"Freestyle Championship of England"

Emil Kerstan (Germany) def. Harry Townsend (F)
Emil Kerstan def. A. Sax (F)
Emil Kerstan def. T. Finney (F)
J. Price def. Emil Kerstan (F)
Frank Crozier def. Joe Carroll (F)
Laurent le Beaucairois def. ??? (F)
Ono def. ??? (F)
Tom Rose def. (DQ) Young Olsen (F)
Peter Gotz def. J. Price (F)
W. Rankin def. Ernest Beasley (F)
Button Singh def. Frank Crozier (F)
Bob Berry def. Peter Bannon (F)
André Cherpillod def. Ono (F)
Peter Gotz def. Tom Rose (F)
Bob Berry def. Buttan Singh (F)
Laurent le Beaucairois def. William Rankin (F)

03.02.1910 – London, Alhambra
André Cherpillod def. Laurent le Beaucairois (F)

In 1910 a troop of wrestlers from India visited England. Members were Gama, Ahmud Bush, Iman Bux and Gamu. At the same time Antonio Pierri brought Yousiff Mahmout to England.

08.1910 - London, Alhambra
Gama def. Dr. Benjamin Roller (USA)

05.09.1910 - London, Alhambra
Iman Bux def. John Lemm

10.09.1910 - London, Shepherd Bush Stadium
Gama drew Stanislaus Zbyszko
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Postby Ronald » 2013/04/08 Mon 9:34 am


October 1904 - England
- Ernst Siegfried (Germany) starts his second tour to England

December 1905 - England
George Hackenschmidt drew John Strong
George Hackenschmidt def. John Strong

1906 - London, Paragon Theatre
Peter Gotz def. Yukio Tani
- Gotz was announced as "The Unknown"

late 1906 - England (October ???)
- Antonio Pierri brought Hussein Mahmout as a new member of his roster to England
- Mahmout build up by Pierri as new number one challenger for George Hackenschmidt

October 1906 - Shoreditch, Music Hall
Hussein Mahmout drew Louis Berg (France)
- catch as catch can

October / November 1906 - London
- Hussein Mahmout and Leonidas Konstantin (called "The dark Horse") trained in a local Club in South London (under Pierri's Management)

around October 1906 - Canterbury, Vaudeville Theatre
- Yukio Tani and Miss Roberts (Teacher of London's Japanese school of physical culture) presents Jiu-Jitsu techniques before the audience

December 1906 - Hull
- George Hackenschmidt made several appearances

1907 - Dublin, Abby Theatre
- announcement of wrestling in May; the shows were cancelled and postponed to August (results unkown)
- shows promoted by Karl Victor ("Light- and Middleweight Champion of Australia and India")

April 1907 - Dublin, Empire Theatre
Pat Connolly def. W. A. Allan ("12 Stone Champion of Ireland")
Karl Victor (said to be from India) def. Sergeant Doubleday ("English Army Champion")
Karl Victor def. W. A. Allan
Karl Victor def. John Lemm
Karl Victor def. Aachen Lurich (Russia) (F)
Karl Victor def. Aachen Lurich (GR)
W. W. Bain ("12 Stone Champion of Scotland") drew W. A. Allan (GR)
Pat Connolly def. M. Keil (F)

April 1907 - Belfast, Hippodrome
- Karl Victor made several appearances in Belfast's Hippdrome since late April until May 1907

08.04.1907 - Dublin, Empire Theatre
Karl Victor def. Geo Hallwood ("Lightweight Champion of England")

May 1907 - Dublin, Empire Theatre
Alec Munroe def. Pat Connolly

02.05.1907 - Dublin, Empire Theatre
Karl Victor def. W. A. Allan (GR)

May / June 1907 - Birmingham, Hippodrome
- George Hackenschmidt made several appearances
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Re: Wrestling Results from Great Britain / Ireland

Postby Ronald » 2013/12/18 Wed 11:33 pm

added some more Great Britain Results from 1911, 1913 and 1919

1911 - London, Alhambra
Johannes Josefsson def. Diabutsu

10.01.1911 - Aberdeen
Jim Esson drew Taro Miyake

12.01.1911 - Aberdeen
Tarro Myiaki def. Jim Esson

10.02.1911 - Aberdeen
Frank Reid def. Jack Parr

24.02.1911 - Aberdeen
James Brighouse def. (DQ) James Fraser

07.04.1911 - Aberdeen
Pat Connolly def. Jim Esson

24.05.1911 - London, Crystal Palace
Ahmed Bux def. Maurice Deriaz (Switzerland)

10.07.1911 - London, Oxford Music Hall
Ahmed Bux (India) def. Armand Cherpillod (Switzerland)

14.10.1911 - Blackfriars, London
Johann Lemm def. Henry Irslinger

28.10.1911 - Bolton
Job Shambley drew Jimmy Taylor
Teddy Whittaker drew Billy Charnock
Bob Somerville drew Tom Rose

07.11.1911 - Glasgow
Jim Esson def. Pat Connolly

22.01.1912 - Birmingham
Johann Lemm def. Jack Cameron

01.02.1913 - Atherton
Job Shambley def. Miles Sweeney

17.02.1913 - Liverpool
Tom Cannon def. Tom McInerney

21.03.1912 - Glasgow
Pat Connolly def. Schackmann

08.1913 - Glasgow, Coliseum Theatre
Jim Campbell def. Driscoll (Glasgow)
Jim Campbell def. Angelos (Italy)
Jim Campbell def. Jack Parr (Glasgow)
Jim Campbell def. Hugh Lyttle (Bridgeton)

29.08.1913 - Glasgow, Coliseum Theatre
Gobar Babu (India) def. Jim Campbell

05.09.1913 - Glasgow, Coliseum Theatre
British Heavyweight Championship
Jim Esson (c) def. Jim Campbell

12.09.1913 - Glasgow, Coliseum Theatre
George Hamilton def. Harry Plotnikoff

14.09.1913 - Aberdeen, Olympia Theatre
Jim Esson def. Alec Cameron

10.10.1913 - Aberdeen
Jim Esson def. Taro Miyake

24.10.1913 - Glasgow, Coliseum Theatre
Alec Cameron def. Jack Parr

31.10.1913 - Glasgow, Coliseum Theatre
Pat Connolly def. Jim Campbell

14.11.1913 - Edinburgh, Olympia Theatre
Alec Cameron def. John Angel (Italy)

12.1913 - Glasgow, Coliseum Theatre
Alec Cameron def. Jim Esson

22.03.1913 - Atherton
Job Shambley def. Jack Bailey

27.06.1913 - Glasgow
Alec Cameron def. Jim Esson

19.07.1913 - Atherton
Miles Sweeney vs. Tom Rose

09.08.1913 - Atherton
Tom Rose def. Bob Sommerville

13.09.1913 - Aberdeen
Jim Esson def. Alec Cameron

05.07.1919 - Wigan
Joe Daley def. Tom Rose
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Re: Wrestling Results from Great Britain / Ireland

Postby Hisaharu Tanabe » 2013/12/19 Thu 10:21 pm

So, I guess Oakeley wasn't the firstg British Heavyweight Champion after all.
Thanks for posting these results!
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