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WCW/WWE Cruiserweight Championship

WCW/WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Postby Stevo_The_Devo » 2010/10/27 Wed 8:25 am

Shouldn't the WCW Cruiserweight Championship have a separate page to the WWE Cruiserweight Championship? I noticed when WCW was defeated at the 2001 Survivor Series and became no more, the WCW Cruiserweight Title became a WWE Title, but you just kept the title history on the same page.
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Re: WCW/WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Postby Hisaharu Tanabe » 2010/10/27 Wed 5:53 pm

I admit that I'm not perfectly consistent with deciding whether or not to separate the title history listings on my website, but let me try my best to explain what I usually do...

I keep the listing as one if the titles share the same lineage and the same definition. In this case, although the sanctioning body changed from WCW to WWF/WWE, it's still the same "World Cruiserweight" Title with the same lineage, unlike the (WCW) World Heavyweight Title and WCW US Title which were once unified into other titles (thus, the lineages ended). Similarly, I've kept NWA/World Class/USWA Texas Heavyweight Title(s) in one list. Another example is the Eastern States and Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Titles. They do share the same lineage, but the definition of the championship changed from "Eastern States" to "Mid-Atlantic", so I split it into separate pages.

There are, however, pages that I intentionally separated for the indexing purpose. For example, there was a World Tag Team Title in the 1960s controlled by Roy Shire in San Francisco. The title was originally a San Francisco version of the American Wrestling Alliance World Tag Team Title, but when Shire became an NWA member, it became a regional version of the NWA World Title. I split the listing into AWA and NWA so that each of them can be linked from the main pages of the AWA and NWA titles. I did the similar for most of the NWA World Tag Team and US Heavyweight Titles.

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