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Mexican Heavyweight Champion?

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Mexican Heavyweight Champion?

Postby kvasir » 2009/01/07 Wed 3:41 am

I have a question regarding the title belt Konnan was wearing when he fought Psychosis at the WCW Clash of the Champions in January 1996.

I cannot find a championship won by Konnan that fits for this point of time. The IWAS, IWC and AAA Championships have been won some time later, sometimes just a few days later (according to the information accessable on this website).

Konnan has been announced as "Mexican Heavyweight Champion" and the match against Psychosis is a title match.

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Re: Mexican Heavyweight Champion?

Postby stunning_grover » 2009/01/08 Thu 5:42 pm

I know which match you're talking about and I'm pretty sure it's the IWAS belt. It doesn't look like the AAA belt, because the AAA belt is bigger. And it does look to be the IWAS belt. I know he officially hadn't won that belt yet at that time, but I think Konnan just wanted to use the opportunity to show himself at his best in his WCW re-debut. So he made sure he had the opportunity to show a belt and be billed as "Mexican heavyweight champion." And when you add the fact that this was WCW to Konnan's hunger for the spotlight, it becomes even more of a possibility. After all, around that same time, WCW would still have the WCW Cruiserweight tournament running while the final had already been played in Japan.
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