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[results] Sikeston, MO 1948-52

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[results] Sikeston, MO 1948-52

Postby Hisaharu Tanabe » 2005/12/06 Tue 6:29 pm

Provided by J. Michael Kenyon. Looks like the booking office for this city was the Gulas/Welch group.

Sikeston MO: April 9, 1948
(Armory, att. 500) ... Roy Welch beat Chico Cortez (2-1) ... Steve Stanlee (as Paul Stanlee) beat Bad Boy Brown (2-0) ... NOTE: "Chico, 205-pound Havana matman, took the first fall in 12 minutes with a reverse chin lock. Welch, at 212 pounds, worked a double jackknife after 11 minutes of the second fall to put the Cortez shoulders to the canvas. Chico brought the crowd to its feet in the third fall with some slight-of-hand that had Welch in and out of the ring. The former local ring performer finally took Chico into camp, however, much to the satisfaction of those who approved defeat of the villain." -- Sikeston MO Herald, Apr. 15, 1948 ... This marked the return of wrestling to Sikeston, with the NCO Club of the National Guard Headquarters Company, 140th Infantry, Missouri National Guard, sponsoring the revival ... The mat game had been absent from Sikeston for several years

Sikeston MO: April 16, 1948
(Armory, att. 800) ... Welch beat Kali Pasha (2-0) ... Steve Stanlee (as Paul "Mr. America" Stanlee) beat Chico Cortez (2-1, dq) ... NOTE:

Sikeston MO: April 23, 1948
(Armory) ... Wild Bill Canny & Charlie Keene beat Chico Cortez & Wild Bill Canny (2-1, dq) ... NOTE: The main event was billed as the first tag team match in Sikeston ... "The tag match, which originated in Kentucky years ago with the ruling against over three men in the ring at one time, will feature two opposing wrestlers on the mat. Their team members will be outside the ring and ready to take over when tagged by a partner." -- Sikeston MO Herald, Apr. 22, 1948

Sikeston MO: April 30, 1948
(Armory) ... Steve Stanlee & Herb Welch beat Chico Cortez & Wild Bill Canny (2-1) ... Steve Stanlee (as Paul Standlee) beat Chico Cortez (30:00) ... NOTE: "The most vociferous and demonstrative protests following (the tag team match) came from the ring and not the crowd when Chico Cortez and Bill Canny gestured with verbiage and motion but without success as spectator sympathy sided with the victors." -- Sikeston MO Herald, May 6, 1948

Sikeston MO: May 7, 1948
(Armory) ... Herb Welch beat Chico Cortez (sub for Red Roberts) (2-0) ... Bill Steddum beat Wild Bill Canny ... Referee: Buck Harris ... NOTE: "Questionable showman deluxe, Chico started his grandstand act by refusing to grapple until his opponent was proven worthy. Demanding that the champ show his colors, Chico kept his distance until the (lightheavyweight) championship belt had been brought to the ring and displayed to the Cuban in convincing fashion. Heavy Herb further emphasized his ability with some business-like flying tackles that sent Chico retreating outside the ring after 28 minutes of twisting Welch's legs and arms in the ropes and yanking on the champ's hair. After exchanging a little sawdust in the Cuban's eyes for some resin in his own, the champ found himself hobbled when Chico succeeded in tying his shoe laces together. In the slugfest that followed, Welch came out on top to take the decision. But old diehard Chico -- who seldom agrees with a decision -- found this one just as irregular. So he continued to mix it up with the third member of the Welch family of fighters. But the night was wearing on, so the spectators left the sparring playmates to work it out for themselves." -- Sikeston MO Herald, May 13, 1948

St. Louis MO: May 7, 1948
Willis R. McCracken, 71, former mayor of Charleston MO, dies suddenly while attending the wrestling matches at Kiel Auditorium ... NOTE: Card, one of the last promoted by Tom Packs, was headlined by Wild Bill Longson and Bobby Bruns (subbing for Whipper Billy Watson), and included Lou Thesz, Emil Dusek, Joe Dusek, Walter Palmer, Jimmy James, Frank Taylor and Rudy Kay … Attendance was announced as 6,895.

Sikeston MO: May 14, 1948
(Armory) ... Herb Welch vs Billy Brooks ... Jack Hader (as The Red Demon) vs Bill Steddum

Sikeston MO: May 21, 1948
(Armory) ... Jack Hader (as The Red Demon) & Wild Bill Canny beat Herb Welch & Jack Welch (2-1) ... Wild Bill Canny beat Jack Welch ... Referee: Joe Howard

Sikeston MO: May 28, 1948
(Armory) ... Herb Welch beat Red Demon (unmasked as Jack Hader) (2-1) ... Steve Stanlee (as Paul Stanlee) drew Wild Bill Canny (60:00, 1-1) ... NOTE: Herb Welch staked his lightheavyweight "title" against the Demon's mask

Sikeston MO: June 4, 1948
(Armory) ... Wild Bill Canny beat Dale Wayne (2-1) ... Lester Welch beat Chico Cortez

Sikeston MO: June 11, 1948
(Armory) ... Roy Welch drew Jack Hader (nee The Red Demon) (1-1, dcor) ... Bill Steddum beat Finice Hall ... Referee: Buck Harris

Sikeston MO: June 18, 1948
(Armory) ... Bad Boy Brown & Moody Palmer vs Chico Cortez & Cortez Aguayo

Sikeston MO: July 2, 1948
(Armory) ... Tex Riley beat Wild Bill Canny (2-1) ... Billy Brooks beat Chico Cortez (2-1) ... NOTE: "Chico the Vilero -- so tagged because of his hybrid villain-hero alternating role -- proved his popularity with the crowd by receiving spectator ovation in his razzle-dazzle affair with Brooks. But it was in fact two of a kind who matched hair-holds and belting blows from start to riotous finish. In the rough and tumble exchange, Chico escaped the count with his shoulders to the mat when he patted Brooks on the back to falsely unpress the duped Detroit grappler with victory. After his unexpected ruse, Chico flipped Brooks to the mat and pinned him with a leg twist to take the initial fall. The matadors mixed it up in the second fall with Brooks applying a few head locks before Chico sent his opponent reeling with a series of flying tackles. The crowd expressed dissatisfaction when Brooks put Chico on the agonizing end of a vicious leg twist and then aggravated the Cuban further with a little ear-gouging thrown in. Brooks, always eager to give assistance to Chico at moments of disadvantage, found his questionable advances repulsed by the Cuban who suffered when they backfired after having been accepted. It was a stunned Chico who sat out the intermission before the third fall. His theatricals failed to impress Brooks to the point of sympathy, however, and Billy the Bouncer planted a telling right on Chico's jaw before pinning the grimacing, ebony-haired one to the mat. A would-be gentleman to the last, Brother Brooks again extended his hand for a farewell shake. Its acceptance was the signal for a parting blow to Chico's jaw instead. Taunted beyond endurance, the Cuban bore down on his victor, tossing him from the ring and following in close pursuit to stage a ringside rumpus with spectator participation. It was an exciting finale to the authorized ring rounds, with both wrestlers going back for more before finally checking it with the ref in spontaneous dual resignation after futile efforts by the mediator to break it up." -- Sikeston MO Herald, July 8, 1948

Sikeston MO: July 9, 1948
(Armory) ... (Ladies) Juanita Coffman beat Mae Weston ... Roy Welch drew Tex Riley (60:00, 1-1) ... NOTE: Roy Welch said to be recently returned from a tour of Puerto Rico

Sikeston MO: July 16, 1948
(Armory) ... Lester Welch & Jack Welch beat Bad Boy Brown & Red Roberts (2-1) ... Lester Welch beat Bad Boy Brown ... Jack Welch beat Red Roberts ... Referee: Buck Harris

Sikeston MO: July 23, 1948
(Armory) ... Steve Stanlee (as Paul Stanlee) & Juan Hernandez vs Red Roberts & Jack Hader

Sikeston MO: February 4, 1949
(Armory) ... Bad Boy Brown & Bill Canny vs Roy Welch & Lester Welch ... Referee: Sunset Carson ("Direct From Hollywood") ... NOTE: The former Winifred Maurice (Mick) Harrison, of Gracemore OK, had become "Sunset Carson" upon escaping from Tom Mix's wild west circus show ... Republic Pictures tried to turn him into a B-Western hero and, indeed, within a couple of years he had cracked the Top Ten western moneymakers' list ... But, it was reported, he attended a studio function while drunk and was summarily fired by Republic studio boss Herbert Yates ... He was in the midst of a short-lived comeback at this time, promoting the appropriately named "Sunset Carson Rides Again," starring himself and Evelyn Keyes ... This show marked the resumption of local wrestling, with 15 or 30-minute broadcasts being carried by Radio Station KSIM, whose slogan was "In the Heart of the Modern Promised Land"

Sikeston MO: February 11, 1949
(Armory) ... Carlos Rodriguez Cortez & Wild Bill Canny vs Lee Savoldi & Lester Welch ... NOTE: Cortez and Canny are billed as the "Southern States Tag Team Champions?

Sikeston MO: February 18, 1949
(Armory) ... Lester Welch vs Bill Cazzell ... (Ladies) Elvira Snodgrass (as Elviry Snodgrass) vs Kathy Simpson (of Ohio)

Sikeston MO: February 25, 1949
(Armory) ... Herb Welch & Tex Riley vs Wild Bill Canny & Gorilla Macias

Sikeston MO: March 4, 1949
(Armory) ... Bill Canny & Carlos Rodriquez Cortez vs Ralph Garibaldi & Gale Byrd (of Louisville KY) ... NOTE: Canny and Cortez are billed as tag champs

Sikeston MO: March 11, 1949
(Armory) ... Jacobo Macias & Jose Macias vs Ralph Garibaldi & Eddie Graham (as Eddie Gossette)

Sikeston MO: March 18, 1949
(Armory) ... Jacobo Macias & Jose Macias vs Wild Bill Canny & Carlos Rodriquez Cortez

Sikeston MO: March 25, 1949
(Armory) ... Lester Welch & Eddie Graham (as Eddie Gossette) vs Jacobo Macias & Jose Macias

Sikeston MO: April 1, 1949
(Armory) ... Lester Welch & Roy Welch vs Jacobo Macias & Jose Macias

Sikeston MO: April 8, 1949
(Armory) ... Roy Welch & Lester Welch & Herb Welch vs Gorilla Macias & Jose Macias & Jacobo Macias ... Referee: Joe Howard

Sikeston MO: April 15, 1949
(Armory) ... Green Shadow vs Ellis Bashara ... Wild Bill Canny vs Chris Belkas

Sikeston MO: April 22, 1949
(Armory) ... Carlos Rodriquez Cortez vs Chris Belkas ... Ralph Garibaldi vs Red Roberts

Sikeston MO: April 29, 1949
(Armory) ... Carlos Rodriquez Cortez & Red Roberts vs Jack Welch & Chris Belkas

Sikeston MO: May 6, 1949
(Armory) ... Carlos Rodriquez Cortez & Red Roberts vs Lester Welch & Chris Belkas

Sikeston MO: May 13, 1949
(Armory) ... Lester Welch & Roy Welch vs Walter Sirois & Stocky Kneilson

Sikeston MO: May 20, 1949
(Armory) ... Bill Canny & Prince Omar vs Roy Welch & Eddie Graham (as Eddie Gossette)

Sikeston MO: May 27, 1949
(Armory) ... Bill Canny & Ralph Garibaldi vs Tex Riley & Stocky Kneilson

Sikeston MO: June 11, 1949 (Saturday)
(Armory) ... (Ladies) Mae Weston vs Helen Hild ... Stocky Kneilson vs Jack Welch ... NOTE: The show was called off due to "transportation difficulties"

Sikeston MO: June 25, 1949 (Saturday)
(Armory) ... Roy Welch vs Walter Sirois ... Wild Bill Canny vs Lee Savoldi ... NOTE: Wrestling resumes after a three-week hiatus

Sikeston MO: November 18, 1949
(Armory) ... Ace Abbott & Ralph Garibaldi vs Red Roberts & Chico Cortez

Sikeston MO: November 25, 1949
(Armory) ... Lester Welch vs Red Roberts ... Art Neilson (as Art Nelson) vs Chris Belkas ... NOTE: Nelson/Nielson is billed as the junior heavyweight champion

Sikeston MO: December 2, 1949
(Armory) ... Herb Welch vs Tex Riley ... Chico Cortez vs Red Roberts

Sikeston MO: December 8, 1949 (Thursday)
(Armory) ... Buddy Knox & Wild Bill Canny vs Lester Welch & Chris Belkas ... NOTE: Knox and Canny are billed as the tag team champions

Sikeston MO: December 15, 1949
(Armory) ... Art Neilson (as Art Nelson) vs Roy Welch ... Bill Canny vs Chris Belkas ... Referee: Joe Howard ... NOTE: Nelson/Nielson still has the belt

Sikeston MO: December 22, 1949 (Thursday)
(Armory) ... Roy Welch & Jack Welch & Chris Belkas vs Moody Palmer & Art Neilson (as Art Nelson) & Chico Cortez ... NOTE: Ringside seats were 75 cents, general admission 60 cents and children a quarter, tax included

Sikeston MO: December 29, 1949 (Thursday)
(Armory) ... (Battle Royal) featuring Roy Welch, Moody Palmer, Don Cortez, Johnny Carlin & Ralph Garibaldi

Sikeston MO: January 5, 1950
(Armory) ... Chris Belkas vs Moody Palmer ... Herb Welch vs Stocky Kneilson ... Lee Fields vs Farrell Joslin ... NOTE: Card may have been postponed due to bad weather

Sikeston MO: January 12, 1950
(Armory) ... Chris Belkas vs Moody Palmer ... Herb Welch vs Stocky Kneilson ... Lee Fields vs Farrell Joslin

Sikeston MO: February 25, 1950 (Saturday)
(Armory) ... Maurice Tillet (as French Angel) vs Bill Canny ... Red Roberts vs Roy Welch

Sikeston MO: March 4, 1950
(Armory) ... (Ladies) Dot Dotson vs Sue Sanders ... Red Roberts vs Tex Riley

Sikeston MO: March 11, 1950
(Armory) ... Red Roberts vs Tex Riley ... Farmer Jones vs Wild Bill Rush ... Referee: Joe Howard ... NOTE: Matches are sponsored by the Moose Club

Sikeston MO: May 17, 1952
(Armory) ... Lester Welch & Jack Welch vs Charlie Carr & Rube Wright

Sikeston MO: May 31, 1952
(Armory) ... Lee Fields & Jack Welch vs Raoul Lopez & Masked Marvel
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Postby Bushinyou » 2007/01/08 Mon 8:24 pm

I love seeing this kind of stuff. I wish there was more of it on this board.
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Postby Hisaharu Tanabe » 2007/01/09 Tue 9:16 am

J Michael has been sending a lot of results since last year. I will try to categorize them into each territory and post here.
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