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WHERE did Tully defeat Youngblood for the TV Title?

WHERE did Tully defeat Youngblood for the TV Title?

Postby HMFiles » 2006/10/10 Tue 1:42 pm

Anyone notice that the listing for the MidAtlantic TV Title does not contain a place for Tully Blanchard's victory over Mark Youngblood for the TV Title?

I had discussed this with some folks on the message board linked to the MidAtlantic Gateway. Some people confirmed that this match did indeed happen, and it was shown on TV. However, no one can quite pin down which city hosted the match.

Some of the guesses were Spartanburg, Greenwood, and Fayetteville.

So . . . anyone here have any input?

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Postby Hisaharu Tanabe » 2006/10/10 Tue 4:21 pm

I'm assuming it took place in Spartanburg.

1984/03/28 was Wednesday. Other title changes from Spartanburg that I was able to find from the same year all took place on Weds.
Hisaharu Tanabe
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