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Moolahs first title reign

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Moolahs first title reign

Postby rjmamula » 2006/01/01 Sun 8:11 pm

This sight and other sources has the Fabulous Moolah loosing and regaining the womens title several times between the time she defeated Judy Grable and the wwf's withdrawl from the NWA. Yet the WWE's sight and other sources has her holding the title fo the entire time. Is it just BS or is there a reason?
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Postby Hisaharu Tanabe » 2006/01/04 Wed 10:47 pm

It was not uncommon for a world champion to tour different territories, drop the title to a local contender, and regain it before leaving the territory. Basically the champion is doing a favor for the local promoter.

So, even though those title changes were legit, but they were considered unimportant by some people. All those title changes before WWF took the control of the title took place outside the WWF territory.
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