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WWWF title matches in Japan

WWWF title matches in Japan

Postby Americancyco » 2002/06/10 Mon 4:09 pm

I need a little help. If anyone out there can help me find a list of all title defenses of WWWF titles in Japan it would be a lot of help.

I am looking for title defenses by TIger mask, The CObra and Fujinami (both in the US and Japan) for the WWWF JR title. But I am also looking for any and all title defesnes of WWWF-WWE titles in Japan or against Japanese wrestlers.
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WWWF/WWF/WWE heavyweight title defenses:

Postby Peru-Yakuza » 2002/06/11 Tue 11:59 am

-Bruno Sammartino vs. Giant Baba, WWWF vs. PWF titles, 1973 All-Japan
-Bob Backlund vs. Antonio Inoki in 1979 New Japan, title changes hands but is not recognized until 2000 or so
-Hulk Hogan vs. Yoshiaki Yatsu, 1991 SWS
-More defenses may have happened in WAR in 1995-6?
-Recent defense by Rock against Chris Jericho in March
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Postby samoth » 2002/06/11 Tue 1:51 pm

Warrior vs. Savage in 91
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Postby edgehead1984 » 2004/03/24 Wed 5:14 pm

once again check this out:

<a href='' target='_blank'></a>
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Postby villano619 » 2004/05/14 Fri 1:29 am

Also Bob Backlund defending the wwwf title against Hulk Hogan took place in Japan.

Ultimate Warrior vs. Ted Dibiase in Tokyo Dome.

Backlund vs. Inoki
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Postby Hisaharu Tanabe » 2004/05/14 Fri 5:07 pm

In addition to the site edgehead1984 mentioned, here's another great site:

Please also remember this board is for pre-84 WWWF/WWF. Thanks.
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Postby necrosis215 » 2005/04/02 Sat 6:47 pm

Just to get this solidified once and for all here's what I have. These are all Title matches as far as I'm aware.

Bruno Sammartino
D Giant Baba 02/08/1968 Sendai, Japan
DCOR Giant Baba 09/05/1975 Tokyo, Japan

Billy Graham
W-COR Seiji Sakaguchi 08/02/1978 Tokyo, Japan

Bob Backlund
T-60 Antonio Inoki 01/06/1978 Tokyo, Japan
T-60 Antonio Inoki 27/07/1978 Tokyo, Japan
*2/3 falls match.
Inoki beat Backlund by submission
Backlund pinned Inoki
Time limit expired
W-COR Antonio Inoki 14/12/1978 Osaka, Japan
L-P Antonio Inoki 30/11/1979 Tokushima, Japan

Antonio Inoki
NC Bob Backlund 06/12/1979 Tokyo, Japan
*Backlund pinned Inoki in this rematch in Tokyo, Japan but WWF President Hisashi Shinma declared the match to be no contest because of the interference of Tiger Jeet Singh. Shinma gave the belt back to Inoki but he did not accept it.

Bob Backlund
W-DQ Dusty Rhodes 27/05/1980 Osaka, Japan
W-DQ Hulk Hogan 30/05/1980 Takamatsu, Japan
W-DQ Stan Hansen 04/06/1980 Nagoya, Japan
L-COR Antonio Inoki 22/08/1980 Tokyo, Japan
W-DQ Stan Hansen 30/09/1980 Tokyo, Japan
W-DQ Hulk Hogan 03/06/1981 Nagoya, Japan
W-P Tatsumi Fujinami 01/01/1982 Tokyo, Japan

Hulk Hogan
W Tiger Toguchi 03/01/1985 Kisarazu, Japan
W-DQ King Kong Bundy 01/02/1985 Narita, Japan
W Tatsumi Fujinami 02/02/1985 Nagoya, Japan
DCOR Tatsumi Fujinami 06/02/1985 Osaka, Japan
W-P Seiji Sakaguchi 08/06/1985 Lida, Japan
W-P Tatsumi Fujinami 11/06/1985 Tokyo, Japan
*Special guest referee Danny Hodge.

Ultimate Warrior
W-P Ted DiBiase 13/04/1990 Tokyo, Japan

Hulk Hogan
W-P Yoshiaki Yatsu 01/04/1991 Kobe, Japan

Ric Flair
DCOR Gen’ichiro Tenryu 15/09/1992 Yokohama, Japan
*2/3 falls match.
Tenryu pinned Flair
Flair beat Tenryu by submission
Flair and Tenryu were counted out

Bret Hart
W-S Randy Savage 07/05/1994 Yokohama, Japan
W-S Bam Bam Bigelow 08/05/1994 Nagoya, Japan
W-DQ Yokozuna 11/05/1994 Sapporo, Japan

Chris Jericho
W-P The Rock 01/03/2002 Yokohama, Japan

Brock Lesnar
W Big Show 18/07/2003 Yokohama, Japan

John Bradshaw Layfield
L-DQ Eddie Guerrero 16/07/2004 Tokyo, Japan

Hope this clears things up, and not just for you guys... :wink:

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Postby Hisaharu Tanabe » 2005/04/02 Sat 10:11 pm

Lesnar pinned Big Show after F5 at 16'04".
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Postby BadNews » 2005/04/03 Sun 8:34 am

Hogan wrestled Muta in 1993 in Fukuoka when he was WWF champion. Was that a defense? I've seen it labelled as such (though I've also seen it labelled as Hogan winning the IWGP title :roll: )
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Postby necrosis215 » 2005/04/03 Sun 9:08 am

First off, thanks for that Hisa, I knew you'd have the info.

Secondly, BadNews, this was NOT a title match. It's listed everywhere as one but people jump to too many conclusions. Hope this helps.

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