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Updated Florida Title change

Updated Florida Title change

Postby Torgo » 2005/03/01 Tue 7:00 am

On your site you have this for the Flordida Title:

Frank Goodish (Bruiser Brody) 75/12/31 Tampa, FL
Thunderbolt Patterson 76/03<
Pak Song [2] 76/03/25
Jack Brisco [4] 76/04/17 St. Petersburg, FL
Bob Orton Jr. 76/06<
Dusty Rhodes [3] 76
Billy Graham 76/11
* Vacant in 77/03.
Buddy Wolfe 77/03
* Defeats Steve Kiern in tournament final.
Dusty Rhodes [4] 77/06

According to my research, Billy did not vacate the title. He lost it to Dusty Rhodes.

November 22, 1976 West Palm Beach, FL Auditorium
Superstar Billy Graham beat Dusty Rhodes to win the Florida heavyweight title .

Febuary 15, 1977 Tampa, FL. Ft. Hesterly Armory
Florida Champion Superstar Billy Graham lost the Title to Dusty Rhodes.

These dates are backed up on my site with the actual newpaper promos and results for the matches.

Go to my site, and click on the actual dates and you will see the results and etc... to back up what I state above.

So in all actuality... Dusty had one more run as the Florida Champion than what is listed on your site. I do not know when Buddy Wolfe got the title, but I know on March 15th 1977 he defended it against Bob Backlund. That clipping is also on my site.
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Postby Torgo » 2005/03/01 Tue 8:00 am

wow... I just looked at the entire year for 1976 :?

Goodish lost the title on Febuary 4 in Miami, FL to Thunderbolt Patterson.

Brisco won the title in West Palm Beach, FL. by pinning Pak Song on the 19th of March.

Orton was defending the title in May against brisco, Slater & Mike Graham.
I believe he won it on May 25. Ill have to look it up to be positive

Rhodes beat Orton on July 27, 1976 in Tampa, FL to win the title.
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Postby Bushinyou » 2006/09/30 Sat 2:32 am


I would know like to know how you view this as well.
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Postby Hisaharu Tanabe » 2006/10/02 Mon 12:25 am

I did some research on his Superstar Graham site and tonight and updated the Florida Heavyweight Title history. Many dates are yet to be filled, though.
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