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AWA World Television Title

The Minneapolis-based promotion headed by Verne Gagne.

AWA World Television Title

Postby The Crowbar King » 2005/01/21 Fri 4:07 pm

This question is for Hisa: Why do you not have this title listed in the title histories section?

I would appreciate anyone who can lead me in the right direction.
The Crowbar King
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Postby BadNews » 2005/01/22 Sat 7:25 am

as for WHY, maybe he didn't think it was important enough. are you lookin for a title history?

Greg Gagne 87/12/27 Las Vegas, NV
* defeats Adrian Adonis in tournament final
Ron Garvin 88/09/17 Nashville, TN
Greg Gagne 88/12/13 Chicago, IL
*abandoned in 89/10 when Gagne retires

hope that helps. credit Duncan & Will Wrestling Title Histories (4th ed).
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Postby Dan Poutsma » 2005/01/22 Sat 3:46 pm

If I'm not mistaken, it was actually called the International TV championship. Needless to say, it seems as if Verne simply created this title for his son and it had about as much significance as the Western States Heritage title.

On a sidenote, this was also the belt Larry Zbyszko was given when he won the battle royal to become AWA World heavyweight champion in February '89.. Jerry Lawler kept the AWA World championship belt (which would later go onto be used for the Unified World title in the USWA after The Snowman kept that belt) after he was stripped of the title because he was never paid for SuperClash III, so they used this belt as a fill-in until the new belt was finished.
Dan Poutsma
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Postby One to Remember » 2005/01/23 Sun 5:07 pm

any clue on how much the new belt cost? Did you like its design Dan?
One to Remember
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Postby Dan Poutsma » 2005/01/23 Sun 7:17 pm

The new belt they had made was identical to the one Lawler kept. Zbyszko held onto it when the promotion shut down. Fwiw, he also has the Western States Heritage belt.
Dan Poutsma
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